6 Luxury Design Choices for Your Interior

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You deserve to come home to a touch of luxury at the end of each day.

And with an elegant upgrade to your interior design, you can fall in love with your abode all over again.

There are plenty of professional interior designers out there, but you don’t need one – you know what you like better than anyone else!

If you’re ready for an interior that will impress your friends and neighbors, then check out these six solutions to lavish luxury.

1) High Contrast Colours

Using high contrast colours in your rooms is a great way to make them feel more luxurious, as deep shades create a chic sense of drama in a space.

If painting your walls in dark tones feels a little too extreme, opt instead for a feature wall, or choose dark furnishings to contrast the light space.

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2) Wall Mural

If your taste in décor is inclined towards the traditional, then there’s little more elegant than a mural for your wall. These elaborate works of art will create a unique selling point for your home and make for a striking addition to any room.

And like with the chandeliers, there is of course a modern equivalent. Rebel Walls stock some great mural wallpaper to impress your visitors.


3) Sculptures

Speaking of artwork, why not invest in some sculptures to fill your space? Greek statues needn’t just be for your garden! Bring them indoors to give your room an interesting focal point.

Or check out the variety of online stockists such as Artfinder and pick up a modern masterpiece for your hallway!

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4) Chandelier Light Fitting

Every room needs a defining feature, and there’s no reason that it can’t be the light fixture.

While exposed bulbs are all the rage, nothing says luxury like a chandelier. Now, if you’re averse to vintage décor, you’re probably pulling your face right now. Fear not however – there are now plenty of modern chandeliers out there so you can have the best of both!

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5) New Furniture

Over time, our furniture falls victim to everyday wear and tear.

And when it does it can really drag down the aesthetic of our abode.

Introduce some elegance to your interiors with the fancy furnishings stocked by the expert suppliers at SM London. Their splendid sofas and ornate ottomans will turn your home into a luxurious retreat.

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6) Glass Wall

A glass wall is perfect for those wanting to make intensive stylistic and structural changes. It could be one wall, or the whole side of your house, but trade that brick work for glass and your home will instantly become the height of style.

Alternatively, if your garage is attached, then turn it into an architectural highlight by putting a glass wall between it and your living space and really impress your guests.

How have you introduced some luxury to your home?

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