Retro-Futuristic: Jannarelly Design­1 – an emotion machine with a “Le Mans barquette” configuration

The Jannarelly isn’t a car that will underline your status but one that will also reflect what you look like on the inside. A unique, high ­performance, customizable sports car you can’t wait to play with. Track ready, lightweight, involving and rewarding to drive.

Jannarelly Drive Unique

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Anthony Jannarelly, designer of the W Motors Supercars and Frederic Juillot, owner of Equation Composite, a company specialized in carbon fiber parts, combined their skills and talent to create the Jannarelly Design­ 1 – a cool mechanical beauty that allows personalization and features simple lines celebrating the 50’s and 60’s but with modern reliability and regulations compliance on top. The philosophy behind Jannarelly Design­1 issimple: “Drive Unique.”

Both passionate and owners of a Caterham and a Donkervoort respectively, they show a great admiration for classic car design with timeless lines as well as the essence of the 60’s motoring era.

The Jannarelly Design­1 is a rear wheel drive 2­seater roadster with a steel tubular frame and structural aluminium panels for the chassis. It is fitted with a mid­rear V6 DOHC 24­valve engine. Most of the body is made out of fiberglass and carbon fiber. Jannarelly sportscars are small-scale series of hand built vehicles mostly made from in-house components. Making them unique and exclusive.

“At a time when cars are shifting toward a future where driving is no longer required, Jannarelly aims to prolong the raw, authentic driving experience for true enthusiasts. The Design-1 represents the perfect balance between unfiltered driving sensations and sufficient practicality for the most emotional road trip,” says Jannarelly team.

Jannarelly Design­1 car

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A tribute to the 60’s motoring era

Both the Jannarelly’s lines and its simple and flexible mechanical approach pay a reverential tribute to the golden age of the sports car, when design and technology were in perfect sync, generating organic, feminine lines, naturally modeled.

“The Jannarelly is a tribute to the golden age of sports cars for today’s drivers” Anthony says. “It was conceived to be the start of an emotional journey through the essence of motoring: the thrill of driving and the emotion of owning a beautiful object expressing their very own self with the same free spirit taken from the golden age of sports cars.”

The Jannarelly Design-1 was designed as an emotion machine featuring a “Le Mans barquette” configuration: a small aeroscreen, a tubular chassis and a 6-cylinder Nissan engine at the rear.

With 310 hp for 810 kg, the Design-1 lets you experience the supercar world. You are however the only one in control. At any time you can
choose to add a glass windshield and a hard top depending on how you feel best in your Design-1.

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