Top décor trends to watch for in 2014

Top Furniture and Décor Trends to Watch for in 2014 listed by Toronto’s Decorium. The hottest style trends for the year ahead.

In terms of the big picture, 2014 in décor will be all about mixing and matching genres, materials and styles to arrive at a unique aesthetic—one that tells the story of an individual rather than a trend. One way to bridge the gap between styles, suggests Decorium, is to decorate an area rug with just the right colour and texture. Of course, which rug to choose depends on the particular space and the desired look and feel—but then, that’s all part of the fun.

Among the trends, are conversational, unique coffee tables that are round in shape or composed of mixed metals and wood materials that create a distinct impression. Earthy accents such as Kilim area rugs and Indian sari silks combined with gold accessories, vibrantly-coloured accent pillows, animal prints and abstract artwork that packs an eye-catching burst of colour also set the trends for 2014. Gone are the stuffy chandeliers of old, to be replaced by architectural and sculptural lighting that not only lights the way, but also sparks conversation.

Lighter-coloured materials will make major inroads in 2014, while the darker wood finishes that have dominated homes and condos for so long will gradually lose favour. However, the year ahead isn’t all about severing ties with the past; as Decorium notes, mod pieces with a distinctly Scandinavian flair will help create a range of ’50s-inspired looks. Likewise, upholstery with feminine curves and luxurious fabrics are sure to make waves among homeowners and design professionals alike.