The prestigious guide Flos Olei 2022 unveils the world élite of extra virgin olive oil


A real journey around the world of quality extra virgin olive oil: this is Flos Olei 2022, the thirteenth edition of the guide unanimously considered the most important publication in the sector worldwide.

XIII Edition of the Prestigious Guide to the World of Extra Virgin Oil.
Italian extra virgin oil triumphs in the best ranking 14 awards out of 20 are conquered by Italy.

The curtain rises on Flos Olei 2022, the thirteenth edition of the prestigious guide dedicated to the world of quality extra virgin olive oil, edited by the international expert Marco Oreggia (who is also its publisher) and the journalist Laura Marinelli.

The volume, produced as usual in two languages (Italian-English and Italian-Chinese), selects and describes the best 500 olive farms on the planet, from 55 different countries: the latest addition is the Sultanate of Oman. 763 extra virgin olive oils, out of the 967 that took part in the competition, are reviewed in the guide. A real atlas of the olive tree that also includes 88 world maps, with the two queen nations of production, Italy and Spain, divided by regions. An accurate description of the native varieties, oil-food gastronomic combinations and a large amount of historical and cultural information make the guide a valuable thematic vademecum, essential for all oil lovers. x

There is obviously no shortage of prizes.

The Hall of Fame, the world élite of extra virgin olive oil, which includes the farms awarded 100 / 100 which, after significant growth over time, have now reached a stable level of excellence, is enriched with two new entries. These are the Italian Azienda Agricola Comincioli (Lombardy) and the Spanish Casas de Hualdo (Castilla-La Mancha), which join the 6 farms already present: the Italian Frantoio Bonamini (Veneto), Frantoio Franci (Tuscany), Azienda Agraria Viola (Umbria), Americo Quattrociocchi (Lazio) and the Spanish Castillo de Canena and Aceites Finca La Torre (both from Andalucía).

Out of the 20 prizes included in The Best, 14 were given to Italian farms, while the others rewarded two farms in Spain and one respectively in France, Croatia, Greece and Chile.

In particular, the title of Farm of the Year was given to the Apulian Olio Intini and that for the Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the Year to the oil Itran’s produced by Madonna dell’Olivo (Campania).

The Emerging Farm is instead the Tuscan Società Agricola Il Borro. However, the big news of 2022 is certainly the introduction of the award The Green Farm, given to the farm capable of paying greater attention to sustainable agriculture practices: the Spanish Aceites Nobleza del Sur won this important award.

The other Italian names included in the various categories of The Best are: Frantoio di Riva (Trentino), Il Borgo del Melograno (Emilia Romagna), Azienda Agricola La Ranocchiaia (Tuscany), Emozioneolio (Marche), Azienda Agricola Alfredo Cetrone (Lazio), Olio Mimì (Puglia), Azienda Agricola Vincenzo Marvulli (Basilicata), Tenute Pasquale Librandi (Calabria), Frantoi Cutrera (Sicily), Società Cooperativa Agricola Agrestis (Sicily), Azienda Agricola Sebastiana Fisicaro – Frantoio Galioto (Sicily). Those outside the national borders are: Aceites Oro Bailén – Galgón 99 (Spain), La Magnanerie (France), Červar (Croatia), Noan (Greece), Agricola Pobeña (Chile).

“In addition to the awards given to farms that have distinguished themselves in the last year – underlines Marco Oreggia – what we most want to highlight is the theme of sustainability. In fact, for some time now Flos Olei has paid great attention to all matters concerning the environment. We believe that the future of extra virgin olive oil is deeply linked to the environmental awareness of the workers of this sector. Technology, from the field to the bottle, has made great strides in recent years and is now able to offer the right support to farms that intend to pursue this goal. The award The Green Farm clearly wants to be a further incentive and stimulus in this direction”.

Finally, there are four Special Awards, prizes outside the production sector awarded to those who, through their work, promote and spread the culture of oil.

On this occasion, the Award The Importer of the Year was given to the American Olio2go, the Award The Restaurant of the Year to the Danish The Samuel, the Award The Journalist of the Year to Sabrina Giannini with the program Indovina chi viene a cena, broadcast on Rai 3, and the Special Prize Cristina Tiliacos to Luciana Baldoni of CNR – Istituto di Bioscienze e Biorisorse.

“The many international awards – concludes Laura Marinelli – testify how much Flos Olei is a project with a global reach. Obviously, this would not be possible without the extraordinary capillarity of the team of collaborators present in the various countries. Another peculiarity of the guide is to go beyond the production aspect and carefully study the sensitivity and trends of the various markets, trying to be an important reference point for the olive sector”.

The 888 pages of Flos Olei 2022 are printed on FSC paper. The symbol of the blockchain is present in the guide, a tool capable of guaranteeing the transparency and traceability of business processes. The volume is also available on App for iOS and Android.

FLOS OLEI 2022 – HERE ARE THE AWARDS … Hall of Fame 2022

  • Casas de Hualdo Farm – Casas de Hualdo – Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Spain/ ES);
  • Castillo de Canena Farm – Castillo de Canena – Royal Temprano (ES);
  • Aceites Finca La Torre Farm – Finca La Torre – One – from Organic Farming (ES)
  • Azienda Agricola Comincioli Farm – I Denocciolati – Terrae (IT)
  • Frantoio Bonamini Bonamini Farm – Pdo Veneto – Valpolicella (IT)
  • Frantoio Franci Farm – Villa Magra Grand Cru (IT)
  • Azienda Agraria Viola Farm – Il Sincero (IT)
  • Americo Quattrociocchi Farm – Olivastro – from Organic Farming (IT).

FLOS OLEI 2022 Winners in the Best Category:

  • The Farm of the Year Award – Olio Intini – Intini – from Organic Farming (Italy)
  • The Emerging Farm Award – Società Agricola Il Borro – Primo Raccolto – from Organic Farming (IT)
  • The Green Farm Award – Aceites Nobleza del Sur – Nobleza del Sur – Eco Day – from Organic Farming (ES)
  • The “Made with Love” Farm Award – Emozioneolio Risveglio (IT)
  • The Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the Year Award – Madonna dell’Olivo – Itran’s (IT)
  • The Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Organic Farming Award – La Magnanerie – La Magnanerie – Cuvée Cosmos – from Organic Farming (FR).See all the winners here.

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