Pivetta Opera Only – The Luxury Space Amplifier

Style, shape, design and performance to the state of the art.


The particularity that mark this technological jewel created by Andrea Pivetta is his shape that changes becoming a work of art from all points of view. The Italian technology designer always wanted to walk the original and unconventional path in
the field of soud. His “ Pivetta Opera One “ luxury multi-channel amplifier amazes for its many constructive peculiarities.

His latest ultra high-end creation absolutely differs from everything that normally you can imagine in the field of amplifiers. Apart from the enormous power that is able to develop and the grandeur of its structure, Opera Only is a unique crossing between
sophisticated technology and art: it is, in fact, the most surprising mix of creativity and technology applied to the high-end audio devices.

The external structure is made of aircraft aluminum and the openings or connections are not visible from the outside, and if he or it is switched on, we feel the “Phoenix from the ashes” equivalent – the spectacular act of awakening, which you just have to experience personally. When turned off, it is an impressive black 12-sides prism, but its structure changes completely once the device is turned on. It is divided into six distinct sections to reveal all the electronics at a glance. Every single component of this 1,5 million euro amplifier is completely Made in Italy.