Our 3 luxury hotspots in Melbourne


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In some places, luxury abounds like a sultan’s palace. Drenched in sunlight, you can lounge for hours outside a cafe or work on your tan on the beach, a mojito in your left hand and the glib sense of satisfaction emanating from your smile.

Is there anything better than opulence? Probably not, and we’ve found the perfect place to enjoy it.

Melbourne, the coastal capital of south-eastern Australia, is a modern paradise brimming with great art, delicious food and amazing culture.

And as the world turns at its regular pace, you’ll be enjoying yourself and forgetting its worries in Melbourne.

To show you what we mean, we’ve rustled up a few of the most luxurious locations on the map of Melbourne. Take a look and plan for the trip of a lifetime.

The Hotel Windsor

Those without cash will settle for a hotel that just about meets liveable standards. It could be one step away from a Chernobyl-like disaster zone, but it’s still great if it’s a bargain.

But this is a luxury list, where no price tag is too high and where excellent service reigns supreme. That’s why we’d recommend The Hotel Windsor for one of the finest five-star residences in Melbourne.

With an exterior that wouldn’t look out of place in a fantasy picture book, The Windsor has all the hallmarks of classical architecture. This is a hotel that revels in its grandeur and is well worth the hefty cost.

Melbourne Airport

Melbourne Airport offers one of the best experiences you can enjoy in a flight hub, from the moment you reach the terminal to your plane taking off.

Book ahead and you’ll be able to enjoy opulent Melbourne Airport parking services, saving you a little bit of time before your flight.

You’ll then be able to chill out with a glass of champagne and a hearty meal in the Marhaba luxury departure lounge, all at a minimal extra cost.

And if you feel like splashing some cash, you’ll be able to shop till you drop at the duty free.

We can’t think of an airport we’ve enjoyed more.

attica theworlds50bestaustralia

Attica Melbourne www.attica.com.au; photo credit: instagram.com/atticamelbourne/


Attica is a critically acclaimed restaurant which boasts of ‘dining like nowhere else’ – and it has cause to be proud of its menu.

With locally sourced ingredients from the finest suppliers, Attica can cater to all dietary requirements and tastes.

But beware – this isn’t a restaurant for the cheap skate. A meal at this renowned eatery will set you back $275 per person. It’s time to start saving up those pennies!

Those are our top tips for luxury travel in Melbourne. Can you think of any more? Or maybe you’d like to discuss another city in Australia that you feel is brimming with luxury? Then let us know in the comments below.