Mila Kunis aka Miss Dior ambassadress faces the paparazzi

Mila Kunis the face of Miss Dior handbags in teaser video
Discover the new Miss Dior bag ad campaign starring Mila Kunis shot by Mario Sorrenti


We are stucked in 1950s Hollywood glamour era, a five-star heaven in which dwell the goddesses of the silver screen – Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn or Ava Gardner. This period is high on the pedestal and will remain so. The new Miss Dior bag ad campaign captured in Los Angeles is another project that recreates the decor and the ambiance that seem to have come directly from 1950s.

Actress Mila Kunis, inseparable from her Miss Dior bag, faces with elegance the paparazzi invasion.

““Mila! Mila! Mila!” Even before the flashes’ fury, she’s never alone. From movie premieres to high-class dinners, she always keeps one thing close to her, her bag: Miss Dior. Complicit in her success, it’s her partner beneath the spotlights. And, whether in precious leather, glossy fur or wool tweed, it is in every way itself a star.”