Marketing Tips To Quickly Sell Your Luxury Property

Selling a luxury home
is not the easiest of feats to achieve, but it doesn’t have to be as overwhelming as figuring out a Rubik’s cube!

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting to find your feet in the real estate industry,there are always steps you can take to improve your marketing endeavors. After all, your success of selling a luxury property will be dictated by your ability to market real estate effectively.

The adage ‘work smarter – not harder’ has become extremely relevant in this aspect as technological tools and platforms make it easy for property sellers to maximize every opportunity and improve their marketing initiatives. Here are some useful marketing tactics you can deploy in your luxury home selling strategy right away:

Use the power of email (it’s free)

Unlike paying hefty dollars to get your property listed in luxury home listings, email doesn’t cost you a dime. However, don’t go with the usual ‘new low luxury rates in your city’ or ‘new luxury listings’ kind of emails – nobody likes these kind of mails and your effort will likely go into spam or old contacts will unsubscribe from your list

Instead, take the details of your property, and craft a newsletter around it. You’ll already have some idea about setting up showings, staging homes, and knowing location; that’s all powerful information that you can put to good use in a highly focused email campaign.

Learning is what buyers care about before they make a decision, so the approach will brand you as an incredibly informative resource and increase chances of conversions.

Take advantage of social media

This might sound very simple, but many real estate sellers do this ineffectively. To market a luxury home on social media, it takes more than simply connecting your property’s digital profile across all social networks. To have more clout and authenticity, you will need to strategically integrate social media into your overall marketing plan so that it expands your credibility and visibility in your target markets.

Berbay points out that this kind of social media use requires developing a strategy that highlights a property’s high points and builds a succinct interest in buyers. The strategy also requires targeting of multiple platforms at the same time, which may be difficult for luxury home owners with small or one­man sales teams.

Host webinars

Setting up events, especially for luxury buyers, can be a lot of work, but with the internet,it becomes very easy. To host a webinar requires promotion, and you can host webinars from any location, such as standing outside the property to give a live view to the audience joining in.

Invite people to your webinar or host it a community center while another member of your sales team comes live on the web from the property location.Send an RSVP via email to your potential buyer list inviting them to a monthly webinar. Let them select the time that is suitable and the information can all be managed with a meeting application. You can use the app to trigger reminders and other information leading to the date. Use webinar surveys to get key feedback for future. Surveying about information quality can help you identify improvements that can be applied next time if the first webinar doesn’t generate a sale.