Luxury porcelain cufflinks and slip-out shoes launched by Mr.G Paris

Mr.G Paris launches new luxury products


Mr.G Paris is bringing traditional French craftsmanship to new horizons with its luxury porcelain cufflinks, unique bracelets and the latest collection of slip-out shoes.

The idea behind this launch is to introduce on the market, a line made in France of extremely comfortable shoes, influenced by slippers in the construction, but offering the discerning clients the opportunity to step outside.

The Mr. G “slip-out” shoes are designed for a gentleman who deserves luxury for himself, indulging without the flashy logo of mainstream brands. He is confident enough to expose his taste and does not let others dictate what he should be wearing.

Gilles Chavet, President and founder of Mr.G Paris announced also the launch of “Ice Collection” new line of porcelain Mono-block cufflinks molded and hand decorated in Limoges, France.

The Classic cufflinks have a gold or silver plated base with inserts of hand painted porcelain. Aiming towards a more conservative client than the mono-block porcelain cufflink client, but still showcasing and exclusive designs, this collection includes more than 40 graphic concepts available in either oval or rectangle shapes. The themes and colors are the same as the mono-block collection.