Lufthansa Private Jet Cabin Inspired by AMG takes luxury jet cabins to new heights


At EBACE 2018, The European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition, Mercedes-Benz Style and Lufthansa Technik have unveiled a unique sportive variant of their prestigious VIP aircraft cabin, called ‘Inspired by AMG’.

Lufthansa Inspired by AMG cabin


“Based on the large international interest and positive feedback which we have achieved so far, we have decided to develop a second variant of our extremely well-received Mercedes-Benz Style VIP cabin”, said Wieland Timm, Senior Director Sales, VIP & Special Mission Aircraft, at Lufthansa Technik. “We want to reach new customer
groups with a strong affinity for a unique sportive design. That’s why we took inspiration from Mercedes-AMG and their worldwide successful performance and sports cars, being the brand of the Daimler group which stands for cutting-edge technology, exclusivity and performance since decades.”

“For us designers AMG stands for ‘Performance Luxury’ which is the experience of the passion for the aesthetic of power. With our new variant of the Lufthansa Technik VIP cabin we give you a glimpse into this world,” said Martin Bremer, Mercedes-Benz Style.

The new cabin design ‘Inspired by AMG‘ is adapting the latest colour & trim finish of the newest Mercedes AMG GT C. This is achieved by integration of carefully selected and precisely embedded carbon fibre elements as well as a characteristic seat upholstery facelift. The overall colour scheme changed from white/brown to grey/black.

Another main feature taken over from the ‘Executive’ variant are the so-called black panels, which, inspired by the typical dashboard design in the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and AMG cars, appear to float in front of the window due to their discreet light corona. Innovative Mercedes-Benz Magic Sky technology allows the panels to be dimmed electrically from black to transparent. Displays and touch screens for entertainment and information screens can easily be integrated into the black panels.

Lufthansa Inspired by AMG cabin-


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