Louis XII rare cask 42,6

Udaipur in Rajasthan is the capital of the ancient kingdom of Mewar, home to the world’s most ancient surviving royal dynasty. The splendour of Udaipur made this the perfect setting to welcome Louis XII rare cask 42,6 – a rare treasure from the House of Rémy Martin, only the second such cask to join the RARE CASK collection.

A “Rare Cask” is a single, extremely rare barrel discovered among the hundreds of century-old tierçons that will one day go to make LOUIS XIII. This new Rare Cask expression takes its title from its unique alcohol degree of 42,6 degrees of alcohol.

LOUIS XIII RARE CASK 42,6 celebrates the classic LOUIS XIII blend of 1,200 eau-de-vies, 100 years in the making, here featuring salient aromas that are unique to this one precious cask – notes of plum and dates, mingling with flavours of gingerbread, prune stone and ginger, punctuated by a final touch of tobacco leaf.

All Louis XII rare cask 42,6 decanters will be serial numbered from 001 to 738, available from LOUIS XIII certified retailers, best palaces, hotels and restaurants, at a suggested retail price of 18 000 €.