Lincoln Reimagine Project to aid visionaries of the arts, design and innovation

Lincoln, the luxury automotive brand, announced a $1.2 million Lincoln Reimagine Project that will collaborate with, sponsor and support culturally progressive individuals and their vision for making old new again through a celebration of all things reinvented.

The Reimagine Project will honor individuals, including innovators, visionary leaders and fellow brilliant artists. Those with projects at the tipping point of that change will receive support to help get their endeavors off the ground.

Lincoln‘s commitment over the years to individuality and design has attracted some of the greatest innovators of our time. Lincoln is reclaiming that original spirit by celebrating other visionaries and creating a like-minded community,” said Andrew Frick, Lincoln Group Marketing Manager. “Through the passion points of art, design and thought leadership, the Reimagine Project is looking for ideas where visionaries and innovators are enabling change in terms of creation and distribution.”

The first funded project began in February at TEDActive, an annual gathering of curious and energetic leaders hosted by TED, the non-profit dedicated to “Ideas Worth Spreading.”A panel of TED Fellows nominated three individuals to create a special reimagined project with Lincoln’s support in the areas of sustainability, technological eco-systems and music. This month these works will be finalized and their journey shared with the public through short documentaries.

Lincoln’s Reimagine project resonated deeply with TEDActive‘s community of innovative thinkers and doers,” said Ronda Carnegie , TED’s Head of Global Partnerships. “We’re happy to partner with Lincoln on such a thrilling initiative — one that champions fresh perspectives on everything from technology and design to art and music.”

Below are the collaborators and their projects:

Gilberto Esparza – Auto-photosynthetic plants. This project uses electronic media and robotics to research the impact of technology embedded in everyday life reimagining recycling consumption intertwined with technology.

Aurora Robson – Project Vortex. This collective is reimagining the world of art and design by using plastic debris that would otherwise go to waste.

Andy Cavatorta -The Dervishes transforms music with one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted musical instruments that reflect the intimacy between the Earth’s mass and the music created.