Larte Design QX80 Missuro – a weapon of mass seduction

Larte Design welcomes a bold new styling package for the giant Infiniti QX80This car is a new tome in Larte Design’s history dedicated to excellence.

Infiniti QX80  Missuro

Being a lover of exquisite style it is only natural for the tuning experts from Larte Design to build a car inspired by traditional bespoke tailoring for men. For discerning gentlemen who desire nothing but the unique, Larte Design unveiled “Missuro” – a bold new styling package for the QX80, Infiniti’s largest SUV. Dressed in a noble blue color, Missuro retains the proportion and the magnificence of a luxury yacht on wheels and guarantees an immaculate style and a truly bespoke experience.

Missuro is a full-size luxury SUV designed in the tradition of exclusivity. The chic option package allows Infiniti enthusiasts to further customize the interiors and the exteriors of this re-designed motor beast.

Infiniti QX80  Missuro--0003 Infiniti QX80  Missuro--0007 Infiniti QX80  Missuro--0008

What’s new in the QX80 tuning kit for Infiniti aficionados?

The front and rear bumpers, the radiator grille, tail pipes, and the reflectors were re-styled to metamorphose the car into a fashion-forward vehicle, reminding us that every man looks best wearing a suit and driving a car with personality. Make an exercise to compare the before and after pictures to see the visual impact of the new tuning upgrade.

The Larte Design propasal for Missuro includes a new high-performance exhaust system with electronic sound control valve, while the engine compartment is now equipped with additional vents above the headlights. It is aesthetically pleasing and practical for extra cooling.

The highlight of the new package is the tri-mode LED light with turn signal function. A 3-in-1 option, the LED lighting triples a as daytime running lights, parking lights and turn indicators. (See in the two photos below the difference between stock model and the Larte’s one )

Infiniti QX80  Missuro--00013

Infiniti QX80 Missuro_studio_10_web

The lightweight and practically indestructible basalt fiber composite, a favorite material for Larte Design, is used in the rear fascias. Made from extremely fine fibers of basalt, the environmentally friendly material is used as a fireproof textile in the aerospace industry.

Infiniti QX80  Missuro--00024 Infiniti QX80  Missuro--00021

The sharp, structured, and very tailored exterior is paired with custom 24-inch, three-piece modular wheels with forged centers for superior endurance in the severest conditions of all motor sport roads. A braking system from Rotora, the worldwide manufacturer of high-performance braking systems and brake components, is also at your disposal. The uncompromising braking system features 8-piston calipers, ventilated rotors, high-performance pads and braided stainless steel brake hoses.

Like for a luxury suit, the first step in getting a Missuro car is to congratulate yourself for investing in excellence, in a product of superior quality and fit, designed just for you.

Infiniti QX80  Missuro--00017 Infiniti QX80  Missuro--00018 Infiniti QX80  Missuro--00019

For a prove that style is forever and has nothing to do with fashion (as Ralph Lauren likes to say), Larte Design teamed up with luxury Italian menswear house Uomo Collezioni for Larte Design Fall Winter 2015/2016 campaign. Take a look at the images for an immersion in the refined experience in the studio.

The unlimited freedom of self-expression is not a destination; it’s a continuous journey that never ends. We are very curious about the next chapter in Larte Design development. In the meantime, take a look at the vast portfolio of tuning kits available for Infiniti (from Q70-LR to Missuro). 

The prestigious tuning studio developed free apps for iPad available for Infiniti, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover, and Tesla. You just need to search for Larte Design to download the Interactive Apps.


Infiniti QX80  Missuro--00016 Infiniti QX80  Missuro--00015 Infiniti QX80  Missuro--00014  Infiniti QX80  Missuro--00012 Infiniti QX80  Missuro--00011 Infiniti QX80  Missuro--00010 Infiniti QX80  Missuro--0007 Infiniti QX80  Missuro--0005 Infiniti QX80  Missuro--0004 Infiniti QX80  Missuro--0002 Infiniti QX80  Missuro--