The laminar-flow design of the Celera 500L is making private aviation as affordable as commercial air travel


The 4,500 nautical mile range means the Cellera 500L aircraft can service virtually any city pair in the U.S. without refueling.

Otto Aviation Cellera 500L aircraft;

Otto Aviation Celera 500L doesn’t just outperform in every category. It crushes it .

Imagine the convenience of private air transportation but at a significantly lower cost and a dramatically reduced carbon footprint. The Celera 500L allows this to become a reality and is being called the most significant innovation for private air transportation in decades.

The Celera 500L by California-based Otto Aviation offers drastic reduction in drag over traditional aircraft. The results are in 5-7 times reduction in operating cost, 8 times lower fuel consumption, 4,500 nautical mile range, and cruise speeds equivalent to similar-sized jet aircraft.

The Celera 500L’s reduction in carbon emissions beats FAA and ICAO target emissions standards for aircraft entering service in or after 2031 by over 30%. The Celera 500L is designed for transcontinental range with operating costs equal to or better than commercial airline ticket pricing on a per passenger basis. This criteria requires extremely low drag across the entire aircraft with a highly fuel-efficient propulsion system. To achieve this, extensive use of laminar shapes was used for the wings, fuselage, and tail sections.


Laminar flow is the minimum drag solution for aircraft surfaces and features smooth layers of airflow with little to no mixing of adjacent layers. The design of the Celera fuselage takes advantage of an optimum length-to-width ratio to maximize laminar flow. These benefits will not scale for large jet transports and are therefore well suited for an aircraftlike the Celera.

Superior comfort is delivered through a spacious cabin with a 6’2” height, plus six first-class equivalent seats that come in a customizable configuration.

The Celera 500L’s aerodynamic airframe requires significantly less horsepower to achieve take-off and cruise speeds, allowing for a more fuel-efficient power plant to be utilized. The RED A03 Engine is capable of 550+ takeoff horsepower and best-in-class fuel efficiency. Liquid cooled V12, twin 6-cylinder bank, the lightweight, all-aluminum designed engine is capable of independent operation with mutually independent critical engine sub-systems for each bank.

Certified to operate on readily available Jet A1 and biodiesel, Celera’s engine is controlled via fully redundant electronic engine control unit with single power control lever reducing pilot workload.