Lake Placid on Loro Piana cashmere printed blankets


A blanket can be an exclusive gift and collector’s item if it is a Loro Piana. The collection of cashmere printed blankets are created using a sophisticated printing technique with an exceptional number of colors without affecting the natural softness of the fibers. The images on the pieces are reproductions of prints owned by Loro Piana, illustrating the various noble, elegant traditions that inspire the brand.

The latest example is a soft cashmere blanket with suede trim that features a historical scene of dog sledding huskies training for the Olympic games at Lake Placid in the early 1930’s. Created using an artisanal technique and made in limited edition so that each blanket has a unique serial number. Once production is complete the printing pattern is destroyed. Ideal for those who have other serial edition Loro Piana printed blankets.