Just One Eye: Nate Lowman & Converse create $25,000 shoes

Just One Eye’s collaboration with Converse and Nate Lowman.

Envisioned by Just One Eye and only one in a rare, limited edition of 21, these Converse shoes, priced at a cool $25,000 each, are composed of and original canvas from artist Nate Lowman. Hand-cut by Lowman, each shoe was hand-sewn onto an original 1970’s rubber Converse Chuck Taylor All Star sole by a craftsman in Los Angeles, each pair taking over 10 hours of work to complete. The canvas is composed of oil with high-gloss alkyd paint and latex, acrylic, and high-gloss alkyd paint on un-primed. The shoes are lined with unfinished, uncolored Italian calf leather and stamped with Just One Eye’s logo and Nate Lowman’s signature.

Watch the 20-second long teaser by veteran director Joe Pytka unveiled during FIAC art fair in Paris (October 25).