iPhone 6: leaked photos show possible design

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Leaked images of front and back casings purport to show the final design of the iPhone 6, which appears to be reminiscent of the first iPhone.

The unverified images were posted by luxury phone brand Feld and Volk on its Instagram account, with Apple blog MacRumors, claiming to show a leaked photos of the iPhone 6’s body from pre-production front and rear parts put together.

Leaked photos cannot be verified, but purportedly show a back and front iPhone 6 shell assembled.

The photos resemble the design of the original iPhone launched in 2007, which had curved metal edges and a metal back.

The veracity of the photos could not be confirmed and they could easily be a clone of the iPhone or leaks to spread mis-information.

iPhone 6 will likely have more screen space

Apple’s developer software for its upcoming iOS 8 iPhone software has also revealed that the iPhone 6 will have a higher resolution screen than the current iPhone 5S and 5C, according to Apple blog 9to5Mac. The screen resolution will provide more screen real estate to display more content, text and images on the screen at any one time compared to the current iPhones, rather than simply see icons and other elements enlarged on a bigger screen.

The iPhone 6 is expected to have a larger 4.7in screen (compared with the current iPhone’s 4in screen), while commentators have speculated that Apple may also unveil a larger 5.5in iPhone to compete with phablets from its Korean, Japanese and Chinese rivals.

Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone 6 on 9 September, when it could also announce an “iWatch” smartwatch, although recent rumours indicate Apple’s smart wearable device could be delayed until 2015.

Curved screens

A patent filed in 2010 by Apple, granted yesterday by the US Patent Office, shows that Apple has been working on convex touch screens. It is the second patent to be awarded to Apple in a year that deals with the manufacture and workings of a curved screen.

The patents indicate that Apple’s expected smartwatch could come equipped with a curved display, form-fitting to the wrist. Samsung’s Gear Fit smartwatch, launched at CES in January, has a curved OLED touchscreen that fits to the wrist.

None of Google’s current crop of Android Wear smartwatches have a curved screen, but that could change in September as more models are expected from other manufacturers, including Sony and Motorola.

Apple has a history of making curved touch-enabled surfaces. Apple’s touch-sensitive Magic Mouse, first released in 2009, has a curved plastic top which fits to the contour of the hand, but enables touch-based gestures.

iPhone 6 could come with a reversible USB cable

iPhone 6 screen could be home-grown sapphire-glass blend, says expert who talked to Apple

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