Industrial sensibility: Sticks – the award-winning lighting system by Arik Levy x Vibia




This new cutting-edge collection from Arik Levy x Vibia offers a creative toolkit for integrating light elements in an interior.

Arik Levy x @Vibia

Exuding a daring, industrial sensibility, the glowing rods connect and disrupt planes in space through their unadorned physical form and the focused light they cast.

Vibia x Arik Levy Sticks presents innovative ways to introduce light, brightening dead zones and transforming linear light into floating sculpture. Pure and graphic, it effortlessly enhances the ambiance of an interior while doubling as an abstract light installation.

“The professionals see the space differently from others. Sticks become their Lighting Toolkit to create whatever they think is correct because they know the space they are working on,”. said Arik Levy

The namesake sticks rotate on their own axis, offering unlimited freedom in directing a light source precisely where needed. The sticks can be connected from a wall to another wall, the floor to a wall, the wall to a ceiling, or suspended from the ceiling into space.

The toolkit features three sticks, minimalist aluminum rods measuring 1.5 meters, 2 meters, and 3 meters, which can be combined in custom arrangements for a maximum length of 6.5 meters.

Founded in 1987 Vbia makes contemporary designer lighting systems that bring technological innovation and cultural expression together.

Arik Levy x @Vibia

Arik Levy x @Vibia