If you want to control your destiny, Piero Rivolta’s 43′ Winsome is the custom sailboat for you



Piero Rivolta’s 43′ Winsome will make you proud wherever you anchor. The Custom Sailboat by Rivolta Yachts is for sale.

Piero Rivolta is known to many as the world’s youngest CEO of an automobile manufacturing company. Iso Rivolta automobiles have inspired countless love affairs—with the cars and with the driving. He took that same passion and applied it to his love of the sea to create impressive sailing vessels and maxi yachts. Rivolta’s belief is that a sailing trip is comprised of three memorable moments: First, when you leave the dock for a specific destination. Second, when you are in the middle of the water and control your own destiny. Third, when you reach your ultimate destination.

43'Winsome - Custom Sailboat by Rivolta Yachts.

43’Winsome – Custom Sailboat by Rivolta Yachts.

The goal of this vessel is purely to give you joy.

Rivolta recalls many adventures on his voyages in the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean, the Gulf of Mexico and the Mediterranean. He even found inspiration on this boat, writing best-selling novels and books of poetry while tucked away at sea.

“She will give you a means of escaping your daily routine and filling your heart with joy—making you proud wherever you anchor. Winsome is high-tech, fast and capable of handling shallow water. I can no longer get around very well, so I am giving up my dream. I would like to find a new owner who can truly appreciate her, which is the most important aspect of this sale,” said Piero Rivolta.

Rivolta Yachts built the 43′ Winsome with a carbon fiber mast capable of carrying generously sized sails to enjoy the pleasure of speed.

Powerful 75 HP Yanmar diesel engines will get you home on time when the winds cease. The vessel has twin rudders with a Solimar rack and pinion steering system and an ingenious hydraulic retractable keel system that allows you to access the waters of secluded coves and beautiful beaches, as well as under intercostal bridges. This performance oriented day boat has the classic beauty of low free board and an exotic sail plan – true state of the art construction.

43'Winsome - Custom Sailboat by Rivolta Yachts.-

43’Winsome – Custom Sailboat by Rivolta Yacht