Hydrosphere Turns Any Superyacht Into an Underwater Wonderland

Hydrosphere by @Gresham Yacht Design

Submerged viewing experience: A hugely attractive feature for those keen to see more of the underwater world.

As the demand for personal submersibles is increasing, Gresham Yacht Design came with a stunning submerged viewing experience proposal for superyachts. Designed to “share magical moments and to get underwater quickly,”Gresham Yacht Design’s Hydrosphere is a glass elevator descending a few meters under the hull. It will offer a “submerged viewing experience” for up to seven guests onboard.

Hydrosphere by @Gresham Yacht Design

The Hydrosphere experience is very close to that of diving in a submersible.

Remaining firmly within the realities of engineering and the limitations of fabrication, Gresham Yacht Design has
developed a breath-taking concept called Hydrosphere. This bold and exciting idea immerses an owner and their guests into their surrounding ocean environment through the hull of a vessel.

The Hydrosphere, which offers 360-degree views, can be operated at any time thanks to onboard lighting that help to illuminate the water. It can even be deployed when underway up to a maximum speed of two knots.

“There is a large demand for personal submersibles, which require hangar space and specialist operations to deploy, which takes time,” Gresham Yacht Design founder Steve Gresham told CNN Travel.

Hydrosphere by @Gresham Yacht Design


“The best thing about the Hydrosphere is that it can be operated very quickly and easily. Unless you happen to be under the water when the Hydrosphere is deployed, you wouldn’t know it was there.”

“The only other way to get this type of experience is to dive in a submersible,” said Gresham. “This takes time though. Our Hydrosphere takes mere minutes to deploy, meaning that you don’t miss that fleeting moment when a beautiful sea creature swims past.”

Safety is paramount with any ideas such as these, which is why the pressure shell of the Hydrosphere extends through the hull and the entrance down the stairs is above the waterline ensuring safe access and exit for guests. When not in use, the Hydrosphere is retracted into the hull, protected by an external hatch and parked above the waterline.

Hydrosphere by @Gresham Yacht Design