How to Select the Right Food for Your Wedding

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Just the thought of dining out at a restaurant can make most people cringe. After all, you have to find something that all of the diners can enjoy. Multiply this anxiety considerably and you may reach a number that can describe how difficult it is to choose a wedding menu. Not only are there are so many options to choose from, you will also need to cater to a considerable number of guests. Here are a few ways to make this process simpler:

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Decide on a Budget

Yes, this is perhaps the best place to start. Why? Well, in addition to making sure that you don’t spend too much, you will also be able to streamline the menu quite a bit. By telling your caterer what you can and can’t afford, they will be able to be more helpful. They can provide suggestions that are in-line with your cost capabilities instead of trying to explain each and every item on the menu to you.

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Start Your Search Early

The best caterers such as the Parts & Labour wedding caterers in Toronto get booked months in advance, particularly if it is during popular wedding seasons. To avoid missing out on the company that you really want, start looking as soon as possible. As a rule of thumb, you should start narrowing down potential services once you have a venue and you are certain about the date of your nuptials. If this seems a little early, there is a good reason. First, you have to decide what type of food you want served (which will take some time) and how it is going to be served on the day. You are also going to need to test out your chosen dishes and determine if you made the right decision. You should keep in mind that it is quite likely that you will continue to make alterations until the last minute.

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Have Something for Everyone

One of the main reasons that people enjoy attending such celebrations is the anticipation of good. Therefore, it is important not to disappoint your guests. Once you know how many people will be attending, you should ask about any dietary preferences or restrictions. If there aren’t too many, try to have separate meals just for those particular guests. Try to have a little bit of variety. This way, you can ensure that everyone will be able to get something that they like. Avoid foods that are too exotic as many people may not enjoy such fare.

How to Select the Right Food for Your Wedding
Don’t Forget Safety

Nothing can ruin happy memories faster than food poisoning. To be on the safe side, you should not serve raw meats or unpasteurized dairy dishes. It is also a good idea to stay away from anything too oily or spicy as these foods don’t always digest well. In the same vein, try to opt for dishes that you use vegetables and fruits that are in season. Everything will taste a lot fresher and your chef will have an easier time getting hold of the ingredients. Follow these steps and your menu will be as dreamy as your wedding.

Whether an Amalfi Coast wedding or an Italian coastal honeymoon, let dreams become reality at Belmond Hotel Caruso-