How to make money at home on the cultivation of greenery


Lots of people think about building their own business at home. However, to carry out the dream-plans, is not that easy. Not many people can quit, though, not everybody possesses lucrative jobs, and start any new business. If you have a desire to engage in additional income, you can try to set up a business at home.

Therefore, with new trends developing by leaps and bounds, greenery or mini-greens are a popular product and can be cultivated right at home! The profitability of such business income can be, on average, up to 300% of the amount of investment. So, if you are a student, your only problem is to buy custom essay from here : and if you want to organize a business with a small start-up, then this idea should be the perfect one for you!

Surely you’ve noticed on the shelves of supermarkets small containers with sprouts of all kinds of vegetables, cereals and salads. This mini-greens – incredibly useful products, which can be cultivated even at home. These plants are now used as additions to some dishes like burgers, salads etc.

Mini Green is namely the fresh young shoots – a very popular ingredient for salads, sandwiches, soups and Oriental cuisine. And they are good with eggs (especially omelets) and potatoes, such as pancakes. Sprouts add a touch of crunch and texture to any dish. Basically they are eaten raw, but they are suitable for cooking – heat treatment should not last more than 30-45 seconds. Moreover, mini-greens are ideal for the preparation of vitamin drinks in a blender and baking homemade bread.

For germination, wheat, rye, oats, lentils, peas, chickpeas, beans, golden, mung bean, soybeans, alfalfa, pumpkin, sunflower, corn, radishes, fennel, broccoli and other cabbage are pretty suitable.

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You can run an experiment on a square meter of a cultivated area in your home windows and try to plant green onions, for example.
In the first stage of growing greenery, you need to set a free space to accommodate acreage:

-Of course, for growing greens, it’s better to have a separate greenhouse. If you have financial problems, you can save if you build it out of used glass. Anyway, here cash costs will be needed;

– You can take any room as the territory for the cultivation of greenery. This option will be simpler and cheaper than the first one, but provided that you will sustain a certain temperature there. For maximum effect, several rows to plant your seeds. You may also use simple shelves to do that. The distance between them should be at least 80 cm. There must be the same artificial lighting. This way, square meter is increased by three times.

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The next step will be soil preparation. You do not need to invent something extraordinary. Take a trip into the forest and collect a layer of fallen leaves on the ground (not oak). This earthen substrate is useful substances in large quantities. Yet there are no parasites and it is the cheapest. The collected soil must be sieved to remove any large particles. Be prepared to provide the appropriate trays. You can buy deep wooden or plastic boxes as well.

The last step is to plant greenery, which is no different from the process of planting in open ground. But do not just plant your entire greens. The optimum planting greenery there – up to 10%, of your total area.

Greenery does not need special care. You will need to just water your plants and periodically fertilize soil. After harvest, clean your greens and pack it into containers. By the way, it is said that in the winter, a kilogram of greens is more expensive than a kilo of meat or fish. Of course, being engaged in cultivation of greenery, you will not have too much time to sell it. Visit the market/grocery stores and find distributors, and offer your product to friends and acquaintances.


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