How to keep fit while on vacation

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Heading on vacation but worried about your fitness levels slipping? Don’t worry, it is still possible to keep fit while enjoying your incredible travels – you just need to think outside the box a little. Keep reading for 4 ways you can keep fit while on vacation.

1. Get a hotel with a gym

When you’re not staying in an Airbnb, look for hotels that have gyms or fitness centers. This way, you can get a quick session in before you get ready to go and explore. And even without tons of equipment, you can still do a good arm workout or leg workout. An early morning trip to the gym will give you more energy to see the sights, and might even make you eat more healthily throughout the day as well!

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2. Go on an active vacation

A surefire way to keep fit while on vacation is to plan a vacation centered around exercise. If you’re a keen cyclist, consider bike touring. Love to explore somewhere by walking? A hiking trip will be perfect for you. Always wanted to go cliff jumping? Sign up for a vacation full of adrenaline sports.

3. Hire a bike or see the city on foot

Sometimes you stay fit on vacation without even realizing it. Wandering and exploring a new place by visiting parks, discovering hiking trails, and planning your activities around walkable areas can all help you quickly wrack up walking miles! Likewise, hiring a bike and seeing a vacation spot on two wheels can help you stay healthy while traveling, and also experience a new destination like a true local.

4. Research healthy eating options

Planning a special diet plan before you go on vacation is a good way to stick to the diet and fitness goals that you had back at home. Aiming for balanced meals that include at least one source of protein and lots of vegetables are great plates to hunt for while you’re away. However, don’t restrict yourself too much, and don’t deprive yourself of local delicacies! If you’re worried about sticking to a strict diet plan, don’t be afraid to ask waitstaff at restaurants whether it’s possible for them to prepare local dishes with a few healthy modifications.

Keeping fit on vacation is definitely possible. By finding somewhere to stay with a gym, exploring somewhere on your two feet, and researching ways to eat healthy before you go, you don’t need to worry about starting back at square 1 when you return.

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