CES 2021: Eight fitness, sports and health products honoured for outstanding design and engineering



@Bowflex VeloCore bike By Nautilus, Inc.

The CES 2021 list of honorees includes a high interactive wall for sport exercises, sports connected eyewear, indoor connected bike, and a versatile smartwatch that combines luxury design, ergonomic fit, a comprehensive wellness experience and many more. See also the winners of the 2021 CES Innovation Awards. The CES Innovation Awards is an annual competition honoring outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products.


EVAD-1 By JULBO – a new generation of sports connected eyewear.

Evad-1 by Julbo enables the display of performance data directly in the field of view, without requiring any particular actions thanks to a head-up display. Integrating Microled’s ActiveLook technology, EVAD-1 makes it possible to directly display sports performance data, such as beats per minute, pace, speed and distance, in the glasses. With its Bluetooth connectivity, it will eventually be possible to pair EVAD-1 with many devices, to offer sportspeople ever more information, displayed directly in the eyewear or the complementary dedicated app.

@ARK Sports By Pixminds

ARK Sports By Pixminds

ARK Sports is a 12 meters long, 1.5 meters high interactive wall for sport exercises such as squash, football and gym. ARK Sports resists feet, shoulder and arm impacts and detects up to 1200 simultaneous contact points, supporting interactive exercises for entire groups.

ARK Sports comes with 25 proprietary games, exercises, training programs, team challenges and content creation software for trainers. The smart wall stores each trainee’s progress for their own usage or for their trainer to select the best appropriate training program.

@Bowflex VeloCore bike By Nautilus, Inc.; @global.bowflex.com


Bowflex VeloCore bike By Nautilus, Inc.

The Bowflex VeloCore indoor bike features a stationary setting and a leaning mode. In leaning mode, users can push and pull the bike from side-to-side, replicating the movement of outdoor cycling. A proprietary, patent-pending lock-out feature keeps the bike in stationary mode, so users can opt for a traditional cycling workout. This connected bike integrates with the JRNY fitness service which delivers engaging digital content on a 22’’ HD touch screen, custom coaching and a library of trainer-led content. It tracks metrics and connects to third-party cycling apps and streaming services.

@HidrateSpark STEEL By Hidrate Inc.@hidratespark.com/

HidrateSpark STEEL By Hidrate Inc.

The HidrateSpark STEEL is a stainless-steel, vacuum-insulated smart water bottle that keeps water cold up to 24 hours. The smart LED sensor puck in the base of the bottle glows to remind you when it’s time to drink and automatically tracks your water intake by syncing via Bluetooth low energy to the free HidrateSpark App. Bottle creates a customized hydration goal using personal parameters, location, and activity level and syncs with Apple Watch, Fitbit and other fitness trackers.

@Xandar Kardian XK300 Autonomous Health Monitoring Solution;

XK300 Autonomous Health Monitoring Solution By Xandar Kardian

XK300 is the world’s first non-contact, continuous and completely autonomous health monitoring solution utilizing proprietary radar technology. Based on 60 patient clinical trial, it achieved +/- 4 BPM resting heart rate and +/- 1 breath/min accuracy which is well within FDA’s efficacy guidelines. In fact, it is currently under substantive review process with FDA for 510(k) clearance, with expected decision by November, 2020. The device will provide critical early deterioration detection in both hospital and at home settings by providing continuous measurements of RHR and RR values over a long period of time without any participation from the patient.

@Sunrise By Sunrise

Sunrise sleep testing technology By Sunrise

Sunrise is a sleep testing technology simplifying access to sleep disorders diagnosis. Thanks to an easy-to-use, wireless, 3-gram sensor, Sunrise allows anyone to clinically test its sleep. It brings gold- standard quality from hospital diagnosis directly to the patient’s home and it is the only certified medical device fully automating its analysis while demonstrating above 90% agreement with in-lab sleep studies. At a fraction of the cost.

@Breathings Bulo


BULO is the world’s fist device that suggests the customized breathing exercise guidance for users by measuring and analyzing their lung capacity, lung endurance and lung muscles. BULO consists of IoT device and Smart Mobile App. IoT device is for measuring the breathing of users precisely. And Smart Mobile app, connected to IoT device, is for analyzing the ability of lungs and showing users how well their lungs function. It also provides users with a useful guideline for breathing exercise and manages their recorded data. That is to say, it helps users improve their ability of lung effectively.

@Samsung Galaxy Watch3

Samsung Galaxy Watch3 versatile smartwatch By Samsung Electronics, Inc

Experience an entire Galaxy of innovative features, right on your wrist. Built with premium materials and an elegant rotating bezel, Galaxy Watch3 boasts the craftsmanship of a luxury timepiece, while still offering all-day comfort. Stay in shape with next-generation fitness tracking; improve recovery with better sleep thanks to its advanced sleep tracking; monitor breathing capacity on intense runs with VO2 max; keep tabs with on demand blood oxygen readings, as well as heart health with the new FDA cleared ECG monitoring app.