How Playing a Game can Bring you One Step Closer to Luxury

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The online casino business has seen an incredibly fast growth in the twenty years that have passed since its inception. It has seen its ups and downs, even a nearly fatal blow in the mid-2000s when it was effectively thrown out of North America. Its status is still ambiguous in many parts of the world: in Europe, it’s regulated and accepted, but in Australia and Canada – two countries with a large number of online players – it’s frowned upon, and it’s outright banned in the majority of US states. Ironically, I must say, as the US is also the country with the largest number of land-based casinos per capita.

Online casinos are a convenient, accessible way for millions of people to experience their own preferred form of online entertainment. They can use their computers, their smartphones, or whatever device they might choose to visit the 7 Sultans Casino, play a hand of blackjack, experience the good life in High Society, or join Tarzan in his lush jungle home in North Africa. The 7 Sultans offers its players an incredible variety of games, and its competitors have an equally rich offer of titles to play. The 7 Sultans and all other online gaming venues offer a simple, casual form of gambling, as opposed to land-based casinos, which are built to keep their patrons playing for as long as possible.

But the online gambling business doesn’t only “sell” entertainment – it also sells dreams. Dreams of riches, of luxury. Even if most online casino players are perfectly aware of their slim chances to ever hit a jackpot, secretly they all hope to do just that one day, and change their lives forever. Surprising as it may sound for some, these dreams of luxury come true more often than you might think.

The games with progressive jackpots are among the most sought-after ones in online casinos. People play with them for a variety of reasons – some of them find them entertaining, others are hoping to hit their massive jackpots and become instant millionaires. Jackpots are hit almost every day: in the first week of January, the media has announced three major wins, two of them exceeding £500,000, and a third one larger than $1 million. This means that three people of the millions playing online games have already taken their first step toward a life of riches and luxury.

Online casinos offer more than just entertainment – they are also a chance for many players out there to change their lives. Of course, not everyone can be a winner. But today, at least, everyone can have a chance to become one – and that’s something, right?

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