History and version of OS systems

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windows 10; photo: microsoft.com/en-gb/windows

Microsoft became popular when it introduced the first Windows Operating System which was compatible with PCs in 1985. The first version of Windows that was introduced was the (GUI) Graphics User Interface. The GUI was used as an extension of the Microsoft current disk operating system.

As time passed Windows gave a green light to (DOS) Disk Operating System users to navigate virtually. That then triggered the development of opening graphics along with the displaying of electronics folders with the click of the mouse button, abolishing the use of typing command and text prompt.

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photo: microsoft.com/en-gb/windows

1. Windows XP. In 2001 Microsoft introduced the Windows XP which came along with various Windows packages all in one. This offered several editions to consumers, business organisations, multimedia creators and many other computer literate individuals. The coming of Window XP led to the Window 95 Kernel core software code to be rejected by many as Window XP was more powerful during that time. Windows XP came along with it a more practical interface, advanced application and more memory which were not offered by Windows 95.

2. Windows Vista. The highly appreciated Windows XP was later succeeded by Windows Vista in 2006. This operating system faced a mass resistance as it was poised to be a large, slow and resource-consuming operating system and was not compatible with online gambling games and other types of games.


photo: microsoft.com

3. Windows 7. Microsoft realised that Windows Vista had flopped after performing dismally in the market to trigger massive losses. They eventually responded by releasing Windows 7. Windows 7 however, was not far different from Windows Vista but it consisted of an improved speed and its system was crafted in a modest way.

4. Windows 8. The coming of Windows 8 in 2012 was appreciated by many. The sophisticated OS consisted of new appearance theme on it. Applications where now appearing as tiles on a grid and its ability to synchronise settings was just on another level.

5. Windows 10. In 2015 Microsoft caught the world by storm when they released the Windows 10. The new OS came with crystal clear graphic images and very fast speed making it ideal for online casino websites.

Windows 10 has Cortana, a digital personal assistant like Apple’s Siri and an advanced Web browser Microsoft Edge, which replaced Internet Explorer.


windows10 apps; photo: microsoft.com