Terracotta Le Teint Unveils The Secret To A Healthy, Outdoor Glow, Available In 30 Shades

The new Terracotta Le Teint features a 95 percent natural-origin formula infused with argan oil.

@Guerlain Terracotta Le Teint

The beautiful effect of a skincare product, and the sun-kissed radiance of Terracotta.

Terracotta Le Teint is the new liquid-powder foundation by Guerlain.​ Terracotta Le Teint embodies the perfection of a foundation and the lightness of a powder with a 95% natural-origin formula infused with argan oil for ultimate comfort.​

Long-wearing for 24 hours and without transfer, this new Guerlain product the guarantee of a superb look, like after a stay in the great outdoors.

Signature of the Terracotta line, its fusional texture, with 95% ingredients of natural origin, infused with argan oil, ensures long-lasting comfort and preserves the skin’s hydration for 24 hours.

True to the House’s commitments, Guerlain has chosen to source the natural argan oil in Morocco, via the network of Targanine cooperatives, created more than 15 years ago. This network participates in safeguarding local land resources in Morocco and creating stable jobs in rural areas.

Terracotta Le Teint comes in a wide range of 30 shades: 16 levels of intensity and 3 tones (neutral, pink, golden), covering the entire complexion spectrum.

“Terracotta the complexion, which blends perfectly with the skin, signs a matte and luminous complexion, all naturally… a true fresh air complexion! With its formula based on pigments of natural origin and argan oil, it allows to combine the level of precision of a powder with the fluidity of a liquid foundation,” – Violette, Creative Director of Guerlain Makeup.

@Guerlain Terracotta Le Teint

Its exceptional formula contains a self-adaptable mother-of-pearl, Gemtone, which allows it to adapt to all skin tones.

Terracotta Le Teint is adorned with a new bottle, naturally inspired by the emblematic codes of Terracotta compacts.

Its brown cap, underlined by a thin golden ring, lets the House’s emblematic double G appear through transparency. The transparent glass bottle, delicately frosted and with rounded lines, evokes the lightness of Terracotta powder and offers an organic, intuitive grip, for an elegant gesture.

@Guerlain Terracotta Le Teint – Guerlain Kabuki Brush

The Precision of the gesture

The Kabuki brush created by Guerlain for applying its foundations gave rise to a new application ritual. With its short synthetic bristles, it perfectly combines the smoothing power of a brush, the fusion power of a sponge and the massaging power of a care tool.

Simply apply the product directly to the brush, then form circular movements from the center of the face outwards to work the material. The result is precise, airy, extremely refined.

@Guerlain Terracotta Le Teint