Electric Future: Cadillac debuts Lyriq transformative EV



With range being one of the biggest factors when it comes to selecting an EV, Cadillac has designed a fully electric luxury crossover to offer beyond 300 miles of range on a full charge. Cadillac LYRIQ pairs next-generation battery technology with a bold design statement.

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Led by LYRIQ, Cadillac wants to redefine American luxury over the next decade with a new portfolio of transformative EVs.

It is not only an exceptional EV, but first and foremost a Cadillac.

Cadillac Lyriq is based on GM’s next-generation, modular electric vehicle platform and driven by the Ultium propulsion system. Performance and technology highlights include rear-wheel drive and performance all-wheel drive configurations, charging options that fit a variety of preferences for home, the workplace and on the road — including DC fast charging rates over 150 kilowatts and Level 2 charging rates up to 19 kW.

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LYRIQ will offer the enhanced version of Super Cruise, the industry’s first truly hands-free driver assistance feature, available on more than 200,000 miles of enabled roads and recently updated to include lane change on demand.

The new electric car is equipped with new technologies such as dual-plane augmented reality-enhanced head-up display, remote self-parking, and the brand’s most seamless and adaptive technology interaction with the driver and passengers, including the latest Cadillac user experience, which is showcased in a 33-inch-diagonal advanced LED screen the spans the entire viewing area of the driver.

The Cadillac LYRIQ is powered by GM’s new Ultium battery system, which offers approximately 100 kilowatt-hours of energy to deliver stirring performance.

@Cadillac LYRIQ’s new electric vehicle architecture opens up possibilities in vehicle spaciousness and design.
Images display show car, not for sale. Some features shown may not be available on actual production model.

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Ultium’s state-of-the-art NCMA (nickel-cobalt-manganese-aluminum) chemistry uses aluminum in the cathode to help reduce the need for rare-earth materials such as cobalt. In fact, GM engineers reduced the cobalt content by more than 70 percent, compared to current GM batteries.

LYRIQ’s technology also addresses sound in two important ways: Blocking unwanted sounds and making the most of the sounds passengers want to hear.

For the first time, Cadillac will introduce a new road noise cancellation technology, which takes active noise cancellation to the next level by introducing more microphones and accelerometers, which improve noise cancellation abilities. With this new system, Cadillac’s performance and audio engineers can target the frequency range of tire cavity noise, reducing the noise level in the vehicle and allowing for a quieter in-cabin experience.

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The Cadillac LYRIQ builds on the brand’s exclusive partnership with AKG. “With LYRIQ we wanted to deliver a sound experience that would transport the driver from a vehicle into a recording studio,” said Hussein Khalil, Cadillac lead audio design release engineer. “With the AKG sound system, we are able to deliver this experience along with the quality and reliability luxury customers expect.”

At launch, LYRIQ will offer a 19-speaker AKG Studio audio system.

A distinctive “black crystal” grille in the front is one of the LYRIQ’s most unique and expressive design elements. It is also a dynamic feature, as it is part of a dramatic lighting choreography that — along with bold vertical, slim LED signature lighting — greets the owner upon approach. At the rear, a split taillamp design incorporates slim LEDs that are also integrated into the lighting choreography.

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