Diane Kruger for ‘Martell France 300’ project

Martell Cognac’s Ambassador for the brand’s 300th anniversary

Hollywood actress Diane Kruger has been announced as Martell Cognac’s Ambassador for the brand’s 300th anniversary this year.

The Martell House was founded in 1715 at the height of French Art de Vivre, a period of time in which gastronomy, tasting and craftsmanship were all celebrated. As the very oldest of the great cognac houses, Martell intend to pay tribute to French Art de Vivre through a range of initiatives in 2015.

Celebrations for the Tricentenaire will be led by Diane Kruger who personifies the very essence of modern-day French Art de Vivre. Having developed an enduring connection with France through her love of acting – which was born and nurtured in the country – she crafted her art at the Cours Florent, one of France’s most prestigious private drama schools.

Diane Kruger - Martell Cognac’s Ambassador for the brand’s 300th anniversary-

In her role as Ambassador, Diane will be spearheading the ‘Martell France 300’ project to identify 300 ‘ones to watch’ around the world whose combined cultural contribution across gastronomy, art, fashion, mixology and entertainment epitomise French Art de Vivre in the 21st Century.

In a venture designed to replicate the desires of Louis XIV 300 years ago – when he gathered the nation’s most celebrated artists and culturally exciting figures at the court of Versailles – in 2015 the oldest of the great cognac houses, Martell, in partnership with the oldest French lifestyle magazine, L’Officiel are embarking on a project to identify today’s equivalents. The project will be run in collaboration with Martell and the editorial experts at L’Officiel, with Diane lending her knowledge and experience of the impact of French culture worldwide to the ambitious venture.

“Although I still consider Paris my home, I spend a lot of time on the road and am pleased to see how the French Art de Vivre lifestyle is truly permeating contemporary society on an international scale,” Diane Kruger said of the Martell France300 project. “I’ve spent much of my life living here in Paris so it’s a huge honour to be asked to join the Martell France300 project. We’re looking to find 300 talented people, all of whom will have to demonstrate exceptional talent and ambition in their field, as well as being bastions for the modern French Art de Vivre lifestyle. I think this initiative in recognition of emerging French talent, is the perfect way for Martell Cognac to celebrate their 300th anniversary this year…and I’m delighted to be a part of it.”

Diane Kruger - Martell Cognac’s Ambassador for the brand’s 300th anniversary