David Beckham’s Force Supreme Life Essence

The story of David Beckham’s life is written on his skin. Don’t expect to read it on his face.


David Beckham invited guests on a unique digital experience to launch Biotherm Homme’s #StoryOfMyLife campaign for new Biotherm Force Supreme Life Essence.

With its regenerative power, the new Force Supreme Life Essence offers a daily solution not to show the signs of time on their face.

Joining the campaign’s leading man, who revealed some of his skincare and life stories on-stage, guests shared theirs inside a private animation box. In a celebration of the campaign’s ink element, a Tattoo Bar invited them to interpret a life-altering experience in ink, having sneakers, iPhone cases, or even skin temporarily, customized on the spot by four leading artists on China’s vibrant art scene.

“We’re bringing the height of skincare tech together with digital-goes-real experience, to turn around the age-old concept that your life story is written on your face,” commented David Fridlevski, Biotherm General Manager.

The Life Plankton Essence, now made for men, is Biotherm Homme’s most intensely concentrated treatment in skin-coach Life Plankton in a liquid essence for aging skin. “I recently discovered the new Force Supreme Life Essence which is really a booster in the morning. I feel like my skin is transformed,” said David Beckham.

The Force Supreme Life Essence responds to the multiple needs of men’s aging skin. That’s getting redder, with pores opening and feeling less firm. From cleansing to targeting the eye zone to hydrating: the Force Supreme range, with all-new Force Supreme Life Essence, covers every step on the road to better, younger-looking skin.

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