Creating the Ultimate Luxury Gathering


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For nearly three years, the world has been held hostage by the novel Covid-19 virus. We’ve been deprived of joys like weddings, family gatherings, packed parties, festivals, and celebrations, all out of concerns for safety. While the lack of gatherings is understandable in the name of global health, we should be preparing now for the day when Covid-19 is no more and we can freely pack the streets with festivities. Here are a few ways you can make your next gathering the ultimate luxury event!

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Planning Is Everything

Regardless of the type or size of the event you choose to throw, planning is essential for a successful luxury gathering. Give yourself plenty of time to arrange vendors, an acceptable location, and time to anticipate the needs of every guest. A well organized spreadsheet is your best friend. Google Sheets, Excel,

Numbers… all great and capable tools to organize the details. Label tabs for vendor contact information, guest details, schedules, menus, and anything else you might need and then share it with the necessary people. Planning upfront can seem daunting, but you’ll thank yourself when the big day comes!

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Focus On the Guest

If you want to keep the people talking about your event, keep it about the people. The greatest crimes in planned events fall somewhere between hungry guests and miserable conditions. Consider what you’ve asked the guests to do throughout the day and if it’s reasonable. If there is a location change between the ceremony and reception or extra time for pictures, provide appetizers and allow guests to begin eating before toasts or speeches begin. Think about providing transportation or hiring valet services. Last-minute parking frustrations will start the evening off on the wrong foot. Don’t forget to stock the restroom with the little essentials guests might require: deodorant, sewing kit, mints. You never know what someone might need to keep the celebration going.

Privacy and Exclusivity

It’s not that we don’t love a party crasher, it’s just that luxury means exclusivity. Send invitations, reserve a space, require a password, and hire security. It makes guests feel special and free to enjoy themselves without interruption. If you’re in a public place like a park or city center, consider barricades from companies like They will help with organization later, I promise.


The Little Details

If something is done right, rarely do guests notice it. If something is done poorly, it’s obvious and people will talk. Flowers, table settings, entry decorations and signage can often be left to the last minute, but that’s a mistake. Make it obvious if there is a seating chart, take the time to practice the table  arrangements, and double-check that you have the appropriate utensils needed for the evening.

Finally, eat, drink and be merry! There is no better way to celebrate the return of gatherings than with a luxury event done right. Just remember to focus on the guests and a great time will follow.