Celebrity chef Eric Ripert launches $1,050 luxury caviar

Eric Ripert Imperial Select Caviar: Chef Eric Ripert launches $1,050 luxury caviar

Just weeks after releasing a high-end chocolate bar (Good & Evil bar), French celebrity chef Eric Ripert from triple-Michelin-starred Le Bernardin New York launches a $1,050 luxury caviar line.

Called “Eric Ripert Imperial Select Caviar” and developed in partnership with Paramount Caviar, the new line is a limited-edition premium sturgeon roe caviar farmed in Italy, China and Israel. The taste? “Nutty, briny, creamy and lightly salted.” For a complete experience the Eric Ripert’s Imperial Select Caviar comes with a special spoon engraved with Eric Ripert’s signature, as well as 16 handmade “blini” imported from France and creme fraiche mini container.