Green infrastructure: fresh herb vertical gardens

Using your wall as nature’s canvas

“We are architects of vertical landscapes, using nature as our inspiration. Natural vertical gardens provide valuable lessons; teaching us about plant adaptations, ecology and sustainability.” – Michael Coraggio, Founder of greenEcoWalls.

A vertical garden provide us with the holistic benefits of living plants, improving the aesthetic and overall biologic nature of the built environment. EcoWalls’ green infrastructures are using the wall as nature’s canvas, replacing the green footprint in the “urban jungle”.

For the Miele Exhibit at Architectural Digest Show 2013, EcoWalls exhibited a fresh herb vertical garden. Plants in the EcoWall included lemon thyme, golden sage, rosemary, chocolate mint, tricolor sage, and some pansies for garnish (yes you can eat pansies too).

Take a look at some lush gardens on building facades, free standing structures, and other impervious vertical surfaces: