Burj Al Arab to play Cupid 212 metres above the azure Arabian Gulf

A once-in-a-lifetime event deserves a one-of-a-kind venue. Burj Al Arab unveils its Wedding in the Skies, 212 metres above the Arabian Gulf


Everybody loves a good love story. Dubai’s Burj Al Arab, ‘the world’s only 7 star hotel’,  is always looking for new and special ways to delight the luxury travellers. The luxury hotel’s helipad has a history of hosting unique activities. In 2004 Tiger Woods teed off the helipad and in 2005 Roger Federer and Andre Agassi challenged each other to a game of tennis there. In 2011 Rory McIlroy performed a hole-in-one from the helipad pad and last year Formula One Champion David Coulthard performed donuts in a Red Bull Racing car.

For 2014, the world’s most luxurious hotel, is taking romance to new heights offering weddings in the sky, 212 metres above the azure Arabian Gulf on its famous helipad.


Each ceremony is specially designed by a Wedding Architect, responsible for every detail and available 24/7. The experience has a starting price of AED 200,000 (approximately US$55,000) and can include:

  • Arrival at Burj Al Arab by air in Italian twin engine Augusta 109 or by road in Rolls Royce Phantom;
  • Exquisite accommodation in one of Burj Al Arab’s 202 suites ranging in size from 170-780 square metres;
  • Access to top haute couturiers;
  • Private after-hours access to top luxury fashion brands;
  • Consultations with Burj Al Arab’s award-winning team of florists;
  • Exclusive access to Dubai’s best jewellers; 
  • Private lessons in etiquette and dance.
  • Private tasting sessions with Burj Al Arab’s award-winning Executive Chef Maxime Luvara;
  • Consultations on wedding cake design, structure, flavour and composition with Burj Al Arab’s Executive Pastry Chef Johannes Bonin;
  • Beverage sampling and advice with Burj Al Arab’s Head Sommelier Dimitar Dimitrov;
  • Beauty treatments and private sessions with celebrity personal trainers at Burj Al Arab’s Talise Spa;
  • Specially designed wedding scent developed by leading perfumist;
  • Shopping and styling sessions with Burj Al Arab’s personal stylist;

Each sky wedding is individually priced depending on requirements. AED 200,000 is the starting price point, announced the luxury hotel.