Best is More: The Argument for Luxury, Quality, and Focus




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On other sites or with other people, luxury can sadly be a dirty word. Seen as wasteful, many people who can otherwise afford something better stick to subpar products and experiences that at best don’t fully fulfill someone’s need and at worst are a complete waste of time. Yet luxury can and should be so much more to people, even if in part by definition it is subjective to most people.

Depending on your relationship with the luxuries in your life, you may not feel a need to read this, but we want people to consider luxury in a new light, as something that is at once attainable and beneficial. Keep on reading to learn more:

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You Do Not Need to Be Rich to Have Luxury in Your Life

While we would never encourage you to live beyond your means, we think that too many people write luxury off when they don’t have to. While luxuries can be expensive, they don’t have to be so expensive that a little savings and cost-comparison with other products wouldn’t be able to allow you to get them. The price in the book is often negotiable. The prices you read online in articles are often misconstrued or exaggerated to get clicks. Objective research and inquiry is the proper way to the truth.

If you’re trying to save money, brand names that have no substance behind them are your enemy. Those names are all about status, and while there might be a place for status, you should be focused on your own thoughts and comfort first. Search out the brands known for quality, some of them listed on this site, and think about what would bring you greater satisfaction from products, not what is advertised. If you can dream it up, it exists, and it can be your luxury good.

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Quality Pays Dividends

Would you rather pay $500 for a jacket that lasts you 20 years (and also happen to look timeless and fits you perfectly) or $100 for a jacket every two years? Logically, the $500 jacket is better, yet too many people choose the latter option, either from short-term planning or a lack of willingness to put in the legwork to find the perfect item for you (or an automatic filtering out of all “luxury” items.

You don’t have to do this, and while this principle won’t apply to every product type, we would ask you to examine the items you either use often, replace often, or otherwise make up a significant part of your life. How would the luxury version improve your life? The answer may be eye-opening.

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The Quality of Your Time Matters Most

On a similar note, we believe that people often don’t value their time nearly enough, especially people who spend their last hours of free time-pinching pennies when in truth those efforts will only go a fraction of the way towards their goals. A growth mindset will often work far better for people than a fixed mindset based on pure frugality.

As with all things, there’s a time and place, but there is also a time and place for the good things in life and reenergizing yourself mentally and physically with quality luxury goods. You might not remember or benefit from two vacations that make you feel crammed or rushed most of the time. You will remember saving up for the one vacation you always wanted.

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Investing in Yourself

As inferred before, money isn’t the only limited resource we have. “Luxuries” and a home filled with things that will save you time and bring you comfort can easily turn an overwhelming week into one that’s well-managed. And if you are still concerned about your financial well-being, that time and energy you save can be put into other efforts to generate income. If you focus more on improvement instead of stagnation, a few luxuries start making a lot more sense.


There can be such a thing as too much luxury, and that’s usually the point where it no longer brings you true joy or comfort in your life. This doesn’t mean you should rewrite your entire lifestyle, it just means that you may want to refocus on the luxuries that you provide the greatest returns. That might be different for everyone, but we hope that you quickly find out what it means for you and then take every day by the horns, getting the most out of the things and experiences you know you will enjoy most in life.

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