Belgian Michelin-starred chefs aboard Brussels Airlines

Michelin-starred chef Geert Van Hecke has created dishes for Brussels Airlines.


International carriers offering the cuisine of star chefs is becoming a must. Air France, Etihad Airways, and Brussels Airlines passengers have the privilege of tasting a five-course meal prepared by Michelin-starred chefs from around the world.

Starting November 1st Brussels Airlines will introduce its passengers on intercontinental flights to regional Belgian dishes prepared by renowned Belgian Star Chefs. The chefs will create an entire menu based on local ingredients typical for their region. Brussels Airlines’ culinary journey through the Belgian gastronomy starts in West Flanders, with Geert van Hecke.



Brussels Airlines will start serving Belgian top cuisine on-board flights to the US and Africa, under the name “Belgian Star Chefs”.The Belgian Star Chefs menu is offered to all Business Class passengers flying from Brussels Airport to any Brussels airlines long haul destination. Every 4 to 5 months, another Belgian Star Chef will introduce his menu choices. The first chef to be hosting the Belgian Star Chef program is Geert Van Hecke from restaurant De Karmeliet in Bruges (*** Michelin), which has been a landmark in the culinary worlds for the past 30 years. 




As a starter, Van Hecke chose to offer smoked eel from Damme, served with tarragon-yogurt sauce and fennel puree. For the main course he proposes North Sea shrimp prepared with curry of sweet potatoe and steamed snow peas. His beer and cheese selection is also 100% from theprovince of West Flanders: Damme and Apero Cheese from Bruges and Brugge Tripel beer.

New spring will be another region’s turn in the Belgian Star Chefs program: Business Class passengers will then enjoy a gourmet menu from the province of Luxemburg.










“For the next coming years we want to give our Belgian and our international passengers a taste of the best that the widely acclaimed
Belgian cuisine has to offer and to position ourselves more than ever as a culinary ambassador for Belgium,” explains Anne Tricot, VP
Customer Experience at Brussels Airlines.

Next to the Belgian Star Chefs suggestion, Business Class passengers can still choose from two different menu options or one of the 21
different special meals (diet, salt free, gluten free,…).