Be Inspired by some of the Most Luxurious Bedrooms in the World

peninsula hotel suite

As one of the most important rooms in the home, the bedroom deserves explicit attention in relation to décor and furniture choices. You should adore your bedroom and long to return to its sumptuous confines at the end of each day. However, you may require some assistance to achieve the precise look you want, which is why we are turning to some of the most luxurious bedrooms in the world for inspiration. Although some of the fixtures and fittings of these rooms may be wildly out of your price range, these beautiful boudoirs and sanctuaries for slumber are certain to give you the ideas you require to add a touch of luxury to your own home.

abu-camp-room abu-camp-botswana

Abu Camp, Okavango Delta, Botswana

First let us begin our tour of the world’s most luxurious bedrooms at the stunning Abu Camp in Botswana where we discover the beauty of open plan living. The large bath tub is situated just metres away from the bed and twin sinks look out to views of the Okavango River. You will not find overtly ostentatious furnishings in this suite but will in fact delight in the plush polished wooden floors and over-sized bed which is encased in soft translucent drapes. The location of this particular bedroom plays a major role in the feeling of luxury, with wild animals gracing the grounds surrounding the suite and stunning vistas greeting guests through the floor to ceiling windows. Take inspiration from the wooden features of this luxurious room by purchasing a beautiful wooden bed from Bedstar, making it the centre piece of your bedroom. Enjoy the feeling of grandeur and make space for a super king bed frame, in your newly luxurious boudoir. Accentuate the bed by hanging drapes from the bedroom ceiling to imitate the soft drapes of the Abu Camp suite. If the location of this incredible bedroom has piqued your interest, perhaps consider adding elements of African décor to your bedroom with Fair Trade African wall hangings from a company such as The Hunger Site or ethically sourced accessories from an online store like Baskets of Africa.

The Taj MahalPalace Tower

The Taj MahalPalace hotel- the tata suite The Taj MahalPalace hotel- the tata suite- The Taj MahalPalace hotel-luxurious bedroom
The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai

The bedroom is all about romance, and what could be more romantic than an ornate room in a decadent palace? We continue our tour of the world’s most luxurious bedrooms at the 5 Star Taj Mahal Palace, a fantastic construction which boasts opulent suites that are quite simply out of this world. The Tata Suite in this most high-end hotel is 5000 sq ft of pure fantasy. The fifteen room suite is adorned with pristine white marble floors, pendulous crystal chandeliers of epic proportions and drapes that have been created using the most delicate hand-woven silks. The décor is distinctively colonial and tastefully luxurious making it fit for any king or queen. To recreate this ambience in your own bedroom look to invest in period pieces and consider layering simply designed fabrics on beds and soft furnishings for an elegant finish.

The Opposite House Beijing

The Opposite House Beijing-the penthouse suitewith terrace The Opposite House Beijing-the bedroom

The Opposite House, Beijing

If you prefer a more contemporary approach to bedroom décor, turn to the minimalist aesthetics of the Opposite House in Beijing for inspiration. Suites at this spectacular hotel use perspex partitions to enhance the sensation of fluidity and space, whilst the introduction of pristine white linens on beds and furnishings complete the fresh, modern look. Pale wood beds and tables, in clean, linear shapes finish the look, making each suite resonate with an impenetrable serenity. Recreate the look by being selective with the furniture you allow in your bedroom space. Choose a simple, yet large bed with a super king bed frame making this the focus of the room, and keep to neutral colours throughout the space to achieve a minimalist effect.

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