Beovision Harmony is literally letting the magic unfold



Finally, the TV experience that elevates the design of any living space.
Beovision Harmony is designed and crafted for the ultimate cinematic experience. 

Beovision Harmony TV experience decor

Beovision Harmony; @Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen debuts Beovision Harmony at 2019 Milan Design Week. The company also have partnered with renowned designer, Studio Germans Ermics, to create a truly unique speaker concept entitled Circle of Fifths, which is hosted at the Wallpaper* magazine Handmade X exhibition.

Beovision Harmony TV experience-2019

Beovision Harmony; @Bang & Olufsen

The presence of a TV screen is rarely a welcoming addition to living spaces. With Beovision Harmony, Bang & Olufsen wants to create a meaningful object for interior that reduces the visual presence of the TV and transforms it into something that we will develop an emotional attachment to.

Unveiled at Milan Design Week 2019, the transformable Beovision Harmony TV experience features an intricate grading pattern carefully designed to maximize acoustic performance of the three-channel, fully active DSP-based sound centre. The design piece elevates the design of any living space and fills it with spectacular sound.

When Beovision Harmony is turned off or just playing music, the thin screen rests close to the floor, partially covered by two meticulously crafted oak and aluminium fronts, which house the powerful sound centre. When Beovision Harmony is turned on, the two fronts fan out and the screen rises to the perfect viewing height. Turn off the TV, and the finely choreographed sequence plays outin reverse.

The concept behind Beovision Harmony builds on some of Bang & Olufsen’s most cherished products. The Capri series, introduced in 1959, was designed to fully integrate with the living room. Hence the TV was built in teak, which was the preferred wood for furniture at the time. The 1964 Beovision Capri 611 FM SJ TV even integrated both a TVand a radio into a single cabinet, allowing people to hide the electronics completely when not in use.

Beovision Harmony TV experience-let-the-magin unfold

Beovision Harmony; @Bang & Olufsen

“We have been sharing an obsessive passion for almost 100 years, and it has been a mission of ours to perfect the techniques used to reproduce sound and vision and to embody it in a design that people are proud to have in their homes. Wood has always been an important aspect of Nordic architecture and furniture design because of its individual character, robustness and versatility, and we are proud to carry this forward in our Beovision Harmony”,says John Mollanger, Bang & Olufsen’s Executive Vice President of Brand and Markets.

Beovision Harmony, including the LG OLED C9 77” TV optimized for Bang & Olufsen, is estimated to retail from18,500 EUR and will be available in Bang & Olufsen stores starting October 2019. Beovision Harmony will be available with a combined oak wood/aluminum front or a combined Grey Melange two-tone fabric/aluminium front and comes with two placement options: floor stand and wall bracket.

Boasting a robust speaker system with serious sound capabilities, Beovision Harmony offers impressive music streaming with integrated music services. You can also stream directly from your smartphone via Apple Airplay 2, Chromecast built-in or Bluetooth. Beovision Harmony also comes with LG’s most recent webOS 4.5 platform, which allows you to access your favourite media service providers such as Netflix, Amazon and YouTube.

Beovision Harmony TV experience

Beovision Harmony; @Bang & Olufsen

93 years of Magic: a dialogue between past and present.

Beovision Harmony will be on display at Milan Design Week from April 9 to 14 as part of the exhibition 93 years of Magic: a dialogue between past and present. Bang & Olufsen has worked closely with museums and collectors tocurate an exhibition of products that have shaped the brand’s unrivalled reputation for matching innovation with beautiful sound.

A walk through the atmospheric installation displays a diverse, yet characteristic body of work, ranging from 1930sbrand classics such as the Hyperbo 5G Steel and Beolit 39 bakelite radio, to the design darlings of the 70s and 80swith among others the Beogram 4000 record player and Beosound 9000 sound system. The Capri TV will also be on display as part of the exhibition.

Beovision Harmony TV experience decor-

Beovision Harmony; @Bang & Olufsen