Bang & Olufsen BeoSound AMG High-End Sound System now available for the CLS-Class

BeoSound AMG SL Surround Sound system


Bang & Olufsen, the Danish high-end, luxury and custom made audio and video products manufacturer, extended its range of high-end, in-car sound systems together with Mercedes-AMG, the performance brand of Mercedes-Benz, to the design icon of Mercedes – the CLS model car. The new in-car audio sound system, entitled Bang & Olufsen BeoSound AMG High-End Sound System for the CLS-Class, will feature Bang & Olufsen’s signature design, the power and sound performance of previous BeoSound AMG Sound Systems. Now, the in-car sound system will be available with all engine models across the AMG and Mercedes-Benz line-up beginning this summer 2012.

Mounted on the inside bracket of each wing mirror, the system’s two acoustic lenses, or ALTs, feature integrated LED lighting, which highlight the connection between Bang & Olufsen’s well-known home audio loudspeakers, BeoLab 9. Controlled by a sensor under the rear-view mirror, the LED lighting shifts seamlessly between day and night mode and smoothly fades to meet the lighting conditions of the vehicle upon activation, a visually accompaniment to the system’s sound.

Bang & Olufsen’s Acoustic Lens Technology (ALT) ensures that this crisp and powerful sound is enjoyed from every seat in the vehicle with 180-degrees of horizontal sound dispersion and an improved sense of space, staging and realism.

Each of the 14 loudspeakers uses a separate amplifier channel, with each speaker digitally controlled to create the most precise and clear sound. Vehicle Noise Compensation (VNC) also gathers data from cabin-mounted microphones and constantly adjusts the sound based on exterior noise. This ensures that the sound remains constant despite outside conditions – like rain, changing road surfaces, or changing speed.

To further focus the sound, the system has front, rear, and full-vehicle sound modes and a “True Image” menu that allows for a “reference” soundstage that is similar to a recording studio or a surround setting that resembles a live concert.

Take a look at the technical specifications of the Bang & Olufsen BeoSound AMG High-End Sound System:
14 fully active loudspeakers:
* 2 x 19 mm tweeters – acoustic lenses with built in lighting (front)
* 1 x 80 mm centre midrange (front centre)
* 2 x 80 mm midranges (front door)
* 2 x 165 mm woofers (front door)
* 2 x 25 mm tweeters (rear door)
* 2 x 165 mm woofers (rear door)
* 2 x 80 mm surround (rear)
* 1 x 200 mm subwoofers (rear)
1200 watts at 1% distortion level
14-channel DSP (Digital Signal Processing) Amplifier:
* True-Image™: Proprietary Bang & Olufsen up-mix algorithm for stereo and 5.1 multichannel material
* Vehicle Noise Compensation (VNC): Volume levelling dependant on noise, speed and climate control setting
5-channel ICEpower Amplifier.