Baby Cashmere Jubilee: Loro Piana Pop-Up for a season of softness


A decade ago, in the vastness of the Alashan desert, a journey towards excellence began.

Renowned Italian luxury brand Loro Piana celebrates the 10th anniversary of its Baby Cashmere range with the Baby Cashmere Jubilee Collection. The caress of Baby Cashmere accompanies the wearer’s movements and is a pure indulgence against the skin, an experience of softness and warmth available at the pop up “Dunes of Pure Rarity” from Monday 8th October to Saturday 3rd November at Harrods London.

LoroPiana Baby Cashmere - exceptional story of Baby Cashmere

LoroPiana Baby Cashmere – the exceptional story of Baby Cashmere; photos:;

The collection includes two turtlenecks and a bomber. Baby Cashmere became synonymous with a range of ultra-light sweaters and cardigans featuring contemporary cuts and contrasting knits.

Baby cashmere is Loro Piana’s exclusively fibre obtained from the underfleece of Capra hircus kids. Incomparably soft, light and precious, baby cashmere is 15% finer than even the finest cashmere from adult goats.

Baby cashmere is available in extremely limited quantities since it can only be gathered once in a lifetime from each kid, making it one of Loro Piana’s rarest offerings. This highly prized fibre exists today primarily due to Loro Piana’s pioneering spirit and creative enterprise. Ultimately, it is the fulfilment of a dream in establishing a new frontier of excellence.

LoroPiana Baby Cashmere


The anniversary all-white collection consists of three white pieces – two turtlenecks and a bomber – made with Loro Piana’s Baby Cashmere blend, originated from goats in the Alashan mountains in Mongolia.

“Since the mid-’90s, designer Pier Luigi Loro Piana has worked closely with goat herders there to develop the material for his sweaters and outerwear,” commented

“The all-white collection includes three womenswear garments to reflect the purity of the material and honour its origins. Featuring two turtleneck sweaters in different designs; one of which is crafted with cable knit on the body and sleeves, and the other with a fisherman’s rib stitch body and criss-cross cable knit sleeves. Adding a second degree of luxury is the baby cashmere bomber, which is lined with mink and accented with mother of pearl buttons and a detachable chinchilla collar,” wrote hk.asiatatler in its review.

The subtlest of patterns is expertly needle-punched into this sleek, ultra-soft baby cashmere jacket. Perfect paired with an enveloping, beautifully crafted baby cashmere turtleneck for an effortless transition to sweater season.

Don’t miss a chance to open the doors to 56 LVMH luxury Maisons during the next Journées Particulières 2018. Discover Loro Piana in the Roccapietra mill, on October 12, 13 and 14, 2018, where the first step to craft Loro Piana’s noblest fibers takes place.

LoroPiana Baby Cashmere-2018- LoroPiana Baby Cashmere- LoroPiana Baby Cashmere FW 2018