Are Leather Boots Still Popular with the Increase in Vegans?


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As a trend, veganism has really taken off. There has been a giant mainstream movement from people accepting this plant-based lifestyle in not just their diet but their cosmetics and clothes. As such, there has been a rapid increase in fake leather goods which they can wear. This intersection of ethics and fashion is the latest development of many and has created quite a stir in the industry. Are ordinary leather boots still popular with the arrival of so many vegan substitutes on the market? Let’s take a look.

Doc Martens – Proof There is a Demand

When you think of leather boots, you undoubtedly think of Doc Martens. These are iconic boots which have a long history. Many different people have donned Doc Martens over the years and they are still one of the most loved boots out there.

Therefore, it was to great acclaim when it was announced that Doc Martens would be releasing a line of vegan boots. This was fantastic as it allowed many who loved this iconic shoe to invest in the brand without compromising their moral standpoint. In fact, the brand enjoyed a profits boom of 70% following the introduction of the shoe. It is clear that people are always happy to pay for their favourite items if they can find them in vegan alternatives.



Vegans Who Wear Leather

However, there is also a group of vegans who believe that it is indeed fine to wear leather goods. They make the case that it is ethical to wear leather when the animals were treated well when they were alive. What’s more, using the leather allows the animal to have a purpose even after death. This avoids unnecessary waste of the animal products, ensuring that as much as possible is put to good use.

There is also an argument that the production of the vegan alternatives is not as good for the planet as some would believe. A lot of resources go into creating these alternatives and the process is not yet a perfect art. There are also many communities who still revolve around the care of animals and the production of leather. If consumers wish to stop supporting the leather industry, provisions are also going to need to be put in place to ensure that these communities are taken care of.



Just as Popular

No matter how much the vegan industry increases, there are also plenty of people not accepting this lifestyle. Options like these boots from Dune are proving as popular as ever. While many non-vegans are thinking about grabbing vegan goods, there are also plenty who are just staying the same. While it is important to consider the ramifications of the leather industry, there is no reason why you cannot continue to wear leather goods.

The choice to wear leather goods is going to be a moral deliberation but there are many fantastic ethical pieces for you to choose on the market. Take a look to see what you can find now.

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