Android apps by Google


Android is a mobile operating system which is essentially powered by Google. The name android did not just pop up but it has sentimental value attached to it. The name android came from a Catholic saint who was believed to have made a brass head that would answer all questions put to it. The word droid was taken from the movie star wars. An application is a computer program designed to assist people.



Examples and Uses of Android Apps

YouTube: This is one of the most used applications. It shows music videos. It allows people to live stream events and many other things. Not only does it focus on the fun aspect of life, but it is also there to teach and inform. For examples, there are tutorials on how to do almost anything. Even how to play and win from best casinos online.

Google assistant: It contains two basic things. With google assist, you can ask any question and it will answer you. It also has reminders, be it a birthday reminder, memos, interviews you name it!

Works with your favorite stuff, too

Google now: Just like google assist it seeks to help you. The only difference is that with google now it produces results that are more informative rather than fun and excitement. For example, news feeds, the weather reports and much more. With just those two applications put together, no other company can compete.

Google translate: This is one of the most helpful applications no matter where you are in the world. How it works is pretty simple. Simply go on your camera and take a picture of that signpost or instruction which is in a language you can’t read. Type in the language that you want it to be translated to and what do you know! You can read any language as long as you have that app. Even if you searched best paying online casino in English, Google will be able to translate to whichever language you want it to translate into.

Not only can it read text but also it has been upgraded to also be able to translate voice recordings. Or for instance, you go to a country where you are not familiar with their language. What you do is let them talk and the audio will be translated to the language you understand.

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