Air France’s LA PREMIÈRE “haute couture” suite

Well-being, relaxation and serenity go hand in hand, for an exceptional trip.

Just days after Etihad Airways’ launch of its Residence concept, the international luxury-seating race to win the Asian high-class aviation market was joined by Air France. At an event in Shanghai, Air France unveiled a luxury first-class seat called “La Première suite.

The “haute couture” suite now has four exclusive individual suites on board Air France’s long- haul Boeing 777-300. On board, each suite enables customers to be totally or partially alone. The large seat adapts to any morphology and promotes rest and relaxation. Each guest has a personal 24-inch (61 cm) HD touch screen, one of the largest ever seen on board. In an instant, the seat turns into a fully-flat bed over two metres long. The armrests are fully retractable and offer a vast space 77 cm wide.

“In 2012, we made a promise to identify which products (we needed to improve) to push Air France up into the ranks of the major airlines,” said the company’s CEO, Frederic Gagey. “Those 50 million euros were needed to propel Air France to the top of those companies.”

“It’s our clients who will judge the product. We are extremely proud of the result and extremely confident. The improvement in the range affects all of our classes and not only first,” he said.

When the passenger is ready to go to sleep, the crew members install a mattress on the seat, for impeccable comfort. They are then given a fluffy pillow and a Sofitel My Bed duvet. The pillow is placed in a soft cotton pillowcase for ultimate softness.