A refreshing gourmet moment: Un été chez Pierre Marcolini

Marcolini’s bespoke esquimaux will really make you scream.

Un-ete-chez-pierre-2016 - glaces

This season, tea time is sweet and rainbow-colored with dainty macarons and crunchy biscuits. Pierre Marcolini, the Maison of Haute Chocolaterie established in 1995 in Brussels, has landed in Monaco with suitcases filled with treats and the “Summer at Pierre” collection.

“Un été chez Pierre” is a chance to try out new things like the little pots of sublime ice cream, Esquimaux ices flash-dipped in a stunning array of chocolate toppings, a range of refined biscuits to suit the most delicate palates, and refreshing drinks with wonderful hints of cocoa.

Bite into a macaron and you will find a peach skin delicious and silky. To this sun-drenched fruit Marcolini added the refinement of orange blossom, subtly tinged with citrus, for a refreshing gourmet moment.

Un-ete-chez-pierre-2016 - collection - bespoke esquimau Un-ete-chez-pierre-2016 - icecream Un-ete-chez-pierre-2016 - collection - pierre marcolini refreshing drinks

Delicious, healthy and refreshing, Pierre Marcolini’s cacao infusions come in 3 different varieties: ginger, jasmine et Tahiti’s vanilla. The cocoa bean bark infusions deliver all the aromas of the beans. An experience you will not forget for a long time.

Un-ete-chez-pierre-2016 - collection

Éclair Pêche Abricot Et Romarin, Éclair Ananas Coriandre Et Verveine, and Éclair Fraise Rhubarbe Et Fleur D’oranger are our favorites. All ice creams can be personalized according to your tastes and wants… One thing for sure, these will not have time to melt!

Un-ete-chez-pierre-2016 -ananas eclairs - biscuits Un-ete-chez-pierre-2016 - collection - biscuits Un-ete-chez-pierre-2016 - collection - bespoke esquimau pierre marcolini sablon shop 2016 pierre marcolini in monaco