458 Niki Lauda special revealed by Ferrari

A 458 dedicated to Lauda – 2013 Ferrari 458 Italia Niki Lauda Edition. 


Ferrari added another project under Tailor Made personalization program paying homage to Formula One legend Niki Lauda. The Ferrari 458 Italia features a white roof with the colors of the Italian flag, gold wheels, and an interior paing in the omnipresent Italian colors. The racing aspect is accentuated by the type of seats and the red motif on their stitching, the dashboard and instrument panel and the steering wheel with LEDs, as well as the F1 type gear shifts.

The 458 dedicated to Lauda was prepared with this exclusive design by the Commercial Department at Ferrari as part of the Tailor Made personalisation programme, with the collaboration of a personal designer from the Maranello Style Centre.

“The 458 Italia represents the perfect synthesis of technological innovation, style, creativity and passion, all qualities that are a byword for Italy in the world. The owner of this two seater berlinetta, powered by the multi award winning V8 engine, wanted to make it unique by paying tribute to one of the happiest and most productive eras in the history of the Scuderia,” said Ferrari in the official statement.