GA8 is a luxury sedan, GS8 is a 7-seater SUV and GM8 is an MPV. Which lucky 8 do you like most?

GAC Motor has lined up the most deluxe new releases including the brand’s first MPV GM8, smart electric concept car iSPACE and self-driving GE3 at the 2017 Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition. GAC Motor’s GM8 MPV is expected to release in China on December 30 with a price range of USD 27.000-41.000. 

GAC Motor debuts the first MPV GM8 at 2017 Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition

GAC Motor debuts the first MPV GM8 at 2017 Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition.

GAC Motor’s high-end lineup composed of MPV GM8, sedan GA8 and luxury SUV GS8 has officially landed, making the  company the first automaker to cover the mid- to high-end sedan, SUV and MPV market with a complete layout of luxury Class C vehicles. GAC Motor is China’s fastest growing automaker. Targeting the high-end market, the GM8 was created on GAC Motor’s level C platform.

“The Chinese auto market is seeing a growing demand for spacious and practical MPV that can accommodate family and  business needs,” said Yu Jun, president of GAC Motor. “With the all-around GM8, GAC Motor aims to refresh the high-end  standards of Chinese MPV market and redefine its landscape in the new age of high-end vehicles.”

Yu Jun noted that the company’s strategic goal has always been creating a world-class Chinese brand that reaches the global  market. So far, GAC Motor has established a global sales and service network in 14 countries covering Middle East, Southeast  Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa and North America.

“GM8 marks a new milestone that completes our high-end product lineup, we are entering an all-new era as we position our brand towards the high-end market,” he said. “We are building the first North America R&D Center in Silicon Valley this year and planning to enter the North American market by 2019.”

GAC Motor models the concept car iSPACE


How to explain the innovative idea, “car stops,life starts”, of the concept car iSPACE? Splicing the front and rear seats together to be a comfortable double bed.

Through extensive research on the young generation’s driving habits and lifestyle, GAC Motor debuted iSPACE, an electric  concept car highlighting a groundbreaking concept of “car stops, life starts,” which views the vehicle as a mobile living space that  can switch between driving and living modes easily.

GAC Motor's second-generation self-driving vehicle, WitStarII


GAC Motor’s second-generation self-driving vehicle, WitStarII, revealed at the 2017 Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition was developed based on the company’s first electric vehicle, GE3. It adopts high precision sensor solutions, including 64-beam Lidar, 360-degree camera and 77G millimeter wave radar that will work under different road conditions.
GAC Motor is expected to return to NAIAS (North American International Auto Show: January 13-28, 2018) in 2018 with a blockbuster lineup, including GM8, GA8, GS8, new mass-production sedan GA4 and an all-new concept car.

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