These mystery flights are another way to support tourism operators

Flight to nowhere? Check. Flight to somewhere? Check. Flight to who knows where? That’s next.

Qantas Airlines announced the latest in its series of highly popular concept flights to combat the border blues, with
three domestic mystery flights for travellers keen to enjoy unique travel experiences in Australia while international
borders remain closed.

Australia‘s national carrier last operated mystery flights in the 1990s when travellers would turn up at the airport and be allocated seats on a scheduled flight to any of the airline’s destinations where they spent a day at their leisure
before flying home.

Qantas has evolved the concept and will offer three dedicated Boeing 737 mystery flight experiences that will
include not just the flight, but an entire day of activities in a mystery destination – so all passengers need to do is
book and turn up at the airport. All destinations are outside major capital cities.

According to, Qantas Airways’ ‘mystery flight experiences’ are a key differentiator.

“Differentiation in the airline industry is difficult during Covid-19, however, Qantas Airways continues to remain in the mind of Australian tourists by offering alternative experiences, a key benefactor in light of lost revenues during Covid-19.”

Qantas Group Chief Customer Officer, Stephanie Tully, said the mystery flights were about giving Australians
memorable travel experiences and promoting domestic tourism.

“Our customers tell us that where they can and can’t travel within Australia has been a bit of a mystery lately.

“The vaccine rollout is bringing a lot more certainty and domestic border restrictions should soon be a thing of the past. In the meantime, these flights turn that mystery into a positive by creating a unique experience for the many people keen to start travelling again.

“As well as helping bring more of our people back to work, these mystery flights are another way to support tourism operators in regional areas especially, who have been hit particularly hard by several waves of travel restrictions,” Tully added.

Qantas’ Mystery Flight Experiences follow its Flight to Nowhere (when domestic border closures were at their peak)
and Flight to Somewhere (when initial reopening began last year), which proved extremely popular.

The limited mystery flight experiences will depart from Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne to a destination within
approximately two hours. As part of creating a unique on-board experience the flights will include some low-level
scenic flybys of key landmarks en route (subject to weather conditions and air traffic control).

Experiences on the ground could include anything from a winemaking course in a premier Australian wine region to
a gourmet lunch with musical entertainment on the shores of one of Australia’s tropical island wonders.

Customers will be provided with clues to ensure it is an appropriate outing for their areas of interest and to assist
with whether to pack a snorkel or sneakers in their carry-on baggage.

Seats on the Qantas Mystery Flight Experiences are available in March, April and May. The all-inclusive fares, which include meals and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage plus activities on the ground, are $737 for Economy and $1,579 for Business. All three flights will operate with net zero emissions, with 100% of emissions carbon offset.