100 recent eco-friendly buildings

Green architecture means being aware of the responsibility implied in the construction and use of modern buildings, and there are many ways to express this rising consciousness. Some solutions, the ones generally called “passive,” are as old as the history of architecture, while others are born of cutting-edge technologies. Both approaches and many more are included in Taschen‘s collection of 100 of the world’s most innovative and recent eco-friendly buildings written by Philip Jodidio, internationally renowned as one of the most popular writers on the subject of architecture.

Take a look at some of the green projects from the Architecture Now! series:

Svalbard Global Seed Vault Longyearbyen
The Garden That Climbs the Stairs Bilbao
Vertical Farm Harlem
Greenhouses, Japanese Pavilion Venice
Chesa Futura St. Moritz / Masdar Institute Abu Dhabi
The Eden Project St. Austell
Ecoboulevard of Vallecas Madrid
Ecolodge Siwa
Zhong Xiao Boulevard Urban Ecological Corridor Taipei
Handmade School Rudrapur
Inujima Art Project Seirensho Inujima
Social Housing, Cité Manifeste Mulhouse
H16 Tieringen
Royal Botanic Gardens Cranbourne
The Green Pine Garden Qingpu
Buildings in Chenshan Botanical Garden Shanghai
CaixaForum Vertical Garden Madrid
Lurie Garden Chicago / Robert and Arlene Kogod Courtyard Washington, D.C.
Green School Badung
LEGO Greenhouse London
Camouflage House Green Lake
Kielder Observatory Kielder…