X Shore is committed to e-revolutionise the marine industry

X Shore, the Swedish first class manufacturer of 100 percent electrical crafts, is leading the way in the marine industry with the market’s most modern e-boats. X Shore is at the forefront of technology, design and climate smart crafts when launching its new boat X Shore Eelex 6500 at the world’s biggest boat show, boot Düsseldorf in Germany, 19–27 January 2019.

xshore boat

photos: xshore.com

Can you imagine slicing through the water, like a sailing boat with no wind or sail?

Electric powered boats provide a minimal carbon footprint compared to boats with traditional fossil fuel engines. Additionally, the undesirable elements of toxic fumes and disruptive noises are entirely banished with electric power. Nature, wildlife and humans remain undisturbed as an electric craft quietly glides through water. With this power of silence, X Shore is committed to “e-revolutionise” the marine industry with a new boat revealed at boot Düsseldorf 2019.

“Once you’ve experienced the sea without noise and fumes, there is no turning back. It’s magic. That is why we are so strongly committed to contribute to a fossil fuel free shift on the maritime market,” says X Shore founder and renowned entrepreneur Konrad Bergström.

X Shore is about giving back to the environment, not working against it.

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photos: xshore.com

Eelex 6500 and Eelex 8000 e-boats ready for orders – a milestone for X Shore

The Eelex 6500 is a 6,5-metre open/tender boat. The Eelex will exist in two lengths, 6,5 metres and 8 metres. They are a development of X Shore’s first prototype, the 8-metre e-Electric 8000 Smögen Edition, launched as a prototype in March 2018. The Eelex boats have increased performance and more sustainable materials, standing out as the most technically advanced electric boats on the market.

xshore boat 2019

photos: xshore.com

The 6,5 metre and 8 metre Eelex boats have the capacity to reach top speeds of 40 knots.

They are among the few e-boats on the market to attain a cruising speed of 25 knots. They can travel up to 100 nautical miles on a single charge at a slower pace. Outstanding acceleration and speed in combination with exceptional mileage is key for X Shore crafts and what makes X Shore unique. The boats are practical, smart and beautifully designed with a Scandinavian touch to blend in with nature. Inspired by the shape of the South American electric eel, each craft features a modular interior and hull that is optimised for efficient passage through water.

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photos: xshore.com

X Shore Eelex

photos: xshore.com