World’s first 24 carat gold iPad

World’s first gold iPad released

“Aspired by many… Attained by few” this is the motto of Gold & Co. London, manufacturers of limited edition gold plated products. The latest of the bespoke products crafted by the company is world’s first 24 carat gold iPad.

Each unit is custom made, individually numbered and is limited to strictly to a maximum 250 pieces per region per year. This new version of the 64GB 4G and Wifi enabled device plated in 24ct Gold was showcased in Dubai alongside the 24ct Gold Plated 64GB iPhone 4S and BlackBerry 9900.

After display the first unit in the world will be auctioned and all funds raised will be donated to charity.

Gold & Co. London iPad 3 is available for sale at $5499, while the iPhone 4S costs ~ $4349.00 and the BlackBerry 9900 has a price tag of $2449.00. Each unit is factory unlocked and so can be used anywhere in the world.

Unlike others Gold & Co. London did not used any form of “Pen Plating” in its gold plating of devices as “Pen plating” is designed to plate cheap jewellery with the thinnest layer of gold, usually only 0.3 microns thick, and works best only on small pieces.All Gold & Co. London products are first polished to a mirror finish. Where parts have to be produced, the company say it does not simply look to the internet for cheap parts from the Far East, but meticulous research and development is done to produce them.